Pokemon Sword and Shield Gives You a Close-up of a Pikachu Squirming Against its Inevitable End

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gives You a Close-up of a Pikachu Squirming Against its Inevitable End

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Have you ever sprayed a bug with insecticide—or hairspray, or furniture polish, or whatever was close at hand—and guiltily watched as it squirmed in its death throes? Did you know that Pokemon can emulate that same feeble pumping and kicking in certain disturbing circumstances? I'm sure you're not surprised. If you're a Pokemon fan, you already know the Pokemon series has no chill.

Cramorant is one of the weirder new Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Based on the cormorant birds that some societies still use to catch fish, Cramorant can use Surf or Dive to catch an Arrokuda (a fish Pokemon) and spit it at its opponents for a devastating hit. When Cramorant catches an Arrokuda and prepares to launch it, it takes a battle stance called "gulping form."

However, once in a while, Cramorant somehow catches a Pikachu instead of an Arrokuda. The unfortunate electric rat gets stuck face-first in the Cramorant's gullet. Unable to see or hear, and probably unable to breathe anything but the stale stench of half-digested fish, the Pikachu just…struggles.

It's pretty unsettling to watch, but maybe it's good to be reminded Pokemon fight, kill, and eat each other, just like regular animals. Only difference is they're sentient, so that Pikachu staring down the abyss of Cramorant's throat knows its end is near. Oh no, I made things worse.

According to Pokemon Shield's PokeDex entry for Cramorant, however, the "startled, half-swallowed Pikachu" is "still looking for a chance to strike back." I've yet to hear any confirmation that Pikachu can indeed free itself. There's only one road to freedom: Cramorant must spit Pikachu at its opponent at something like five million kilometers per hour. I assume the move turns Pikachu into PikaPaste, because we never see it again after that. RIP in Peace, sweet prince.

Despite its occasional dive into light horror (or maybe because of it), Pokemon Sword and Shield is a good game. We have tons of guides for you to look up if you're starting out on your own Galar adventure. Visit our Pokemon Sword and Shield guide hub for everything you need, and look up the differences between Sword and Shield if you need help making a choice on which version to get.

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