Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Use the PC Box Link

Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Use the PC Box Link

Sword and Shield makes some adjustments to where and when you can access your Pokemon PC Boxes. Here’s what you need to know:

Pokemon Sword and Shield puts a new spin on many of the tried and tested features and gameplay systems popularized over the series’ 23 year run. Much of the game has been streamlined and you can now access your PC Boxes pretty much wherever you want. This allows you to switch out Pokemon on the fly, saving you the long trek back to a Pokemon Center. Here’s how the Pokemon Box Link works.

How to Use the Pokemon Box Link

You’re given the Pokemon Box Link pretty early on in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Once you have it you’ll be able to access your Boxes remotely. This is a welcome change to how things used to work, as it means you won’t have to hit up a Pokemon Center to change your party. To use the Pokemon Box Link press X to head into the main menu. Select ‘Pokemon’ and then press R to access the Box. You can then cycle through your collection of Pokemon and swap them out.

When Do You Get the Pokemon Box Link?

You’ll be given the Pokemon Box Link early on in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You just need to get to the part where you enter the Wild Area for the first time. This is when travelling between Wedgehurst and Motostoke.

When Can You Use Pokemon Box Link?

You can use the Pokemon Box Link pretty much anywhere you want. There are only a few exceptions, including Gym Challenges and other story-based cutscene moments.

Now you can use the Pokemon Box Link to switch out Pokemon on the fly, battling should be a lot easier. You’ll also need to know your Type matchups to succeed though so check out our Type Chart for more info.

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