Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC: How to Beat Rival Klara/Avery in the Third Dojo Trial

Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC: How to Beat Rival Klara/Avery in the Third Dojo Trial

The final trial of the Master Dojo in the Isle of Armor expansion has you battle your rival, Klara or Avery, in a full-on Dynamax battle for the Secret Armor.

Now well into the Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC, you'll be challenged with the third and final trial of Mustard's Master Dojo: a Dynamax battle with your rival, Klara or Avery, for the right to win the mysterious Secret Armor. We'll show you how to beat rival Klara/Avery in the third Dojo trial and the best tactics to use.

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How to Beat Rival Klara/Avery for the Third Dojo Trial in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC

To beat Klara or Avery in the third Dojo trial in the Pokemon Isle of Armor expansion you'll need to be more prepared than any of your previous encounters, as they're not only more powerful than before, they're cheating! If you're fighting Klara, she's put town Toxic Spikes that'll badly poison any Pokemon you swap into play during the fight, and Avery turns the battlefield weird (that's the technical term), boosting Psychic attacks by 30% and stopping Priority moves from having any effect on Pokemon on the ground. I guess they're still feeling bitter after your victory in the second trial.

You'll need powerful Pokemon with a lot of health to deal with your rival's cheating. | Joel Franey/USG, Nintendo

Third Trial Klara/Avery Boss Fight Tips and Weaknesses

Type advantages will be a big part of this fight, as well as having Pokemon with a lot of health, to help deal with the lasting effects of Toxic Spikes or the Weird Battlefield. We've laid out all the type match-ups here, but remember that Klara is a master of Poison types while Avery uses Psychic Pokemon. We've laid out their full team rosters below, starting with Klara:

  • Skorupi (Bug/Poison)
  • Galarian Wheezing (Fairy/Poison)
  • Whirlipede (Bug/Poison)
  • Galarian Slowbro (Psychic/Poison)

Meanwhile, Avery attacks you with this team:

  • Galarian Ponyta (Psychic)
  • Kadabra (Psychic)
  • Swoobat (Flying/Psychic)
  • Galarian Slowbro (Psychic/Poison)
Gigantimax Slowbro is the biggest threat either rival has to bear against you. | Joel Franey/USG, Nintendo

The one consistency here is Galarian Slowbro, who'll also be the Pokemon that they Gigantimax, making him easily the biggest threat. Slowbro has a lot of health, not to mention a tricky dual-type match-up and some water attacks to boot! It'sIts weaker to special attacks then regular attacks though, which is good considering it's weak to Ghost, Ground and Dark, all of which have powerful special attacks tied to them.

Klara/Avery Boss Fight Rewards

For defeating Klara or Avery you'll get their League Card and a standard amount of money for whatever level you're playing at, as well as breaking their spirit a bit in the process. You can also talk to Mustard back in the Dojo at any point to get the Secret Armor, a strange thing which we've outlined here.

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