Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC: How to Get Max Honey

Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC: How to Get Max Honey

A powerful healing item and used to Gigantimax your Urshifu, Max Honey is a potent resource that's difficult to get.

As part of the main plot in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC, you'll go searching for Max Honey with Hop in order to unlock the power to Gigantimax your Urshifu. However, it also has valuable secondary effects that make it worth collecting, so we'll show you how to get Max Honey as fast as possible below.

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How to Get Max Honey in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC

The first time you get Max Honey in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC will be while searching for it with Hop after evolving Kubfu into Urshifu, as part of a mission to unlock Urshifu's Gigantimax form. Hop will lead you through a series of easy steps that are more focused around the story than the challenge, but if you're not sure what to do next, we've laid it out below:

  1. Talk to Hop at the Dojo to start the quest.
  2. Meet him at the Southern entrance to the Forest of Focus.
  3. Head in and find Petilil ahead.
  4. Go across the bridge behind Hop and follow the path around to find Lilligant.
  5. Escort Lilligant back to Hop and Petilil.
  6. Follow Hop again to find Applin. It's at a berry tree in the North of the forest, which you need to shake to get it out.
  7. Head to Honeycalm Island (behind the Tower of Waters).
  8. Talk to Hop, who's waiting there.
  9. Shake the huge tree in the centre and defeat the Dynamax Vespiquen.
Follow Hop to Honeycalm Island for your first jar of Max Honey. | Joel Franey/USG, Nintendo

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Vespiquen Weaknesses

Vespiquen is an averagely-powerful Pokemon, and fortunately this fight doesn't follow the rules of a standard raid battle, allowing you to swap your own Pokemon around. Any of the following attack types will decimate Vespiquen nicely.

  • Rock (x4)
  • Fire
  • Flying
  • Electric
  • Ice

Once you beat Vespiquen, you'll get a sample of Max Honey. Bring it back to the Dojo along with three Max Mushrooms to Gigantimax your Urshifu permanently.

How to Get More Max Honey

If you want more Max Honey later on, you can do so by heading back to Honeycalm Island and rather than shake the tree, use a Wishing Piece to generate a Raid Battle there. There's a very chance it'll be with a Vespiquen, who has a middling chance to drop more Max Honey. It won't happen every time though, so you might have to farm for it for a while.

What Does Max Honey Do?

Aside from being used to Gigantimax Urshifu or revert it to a normal Dynamax form at the Dojo kitchen, Max Honey can also be used to revive a Pokemon in battle with full health. Yes, it's a new kind of Max Revive, one of the game's most valuable items. This means that having at least a few Max Honeys in your inventory can turn the tide of many battles, so make sure to hold onto them when you can, or grind out some by fighting Vespiquens.

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