Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC: How to Quickly Upgrade the Dojo

Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC: How to Quickly Upgrade the Dojo

Speaking to Mustard's wife Honey will allow you to spend watts to upgrade the Master Dojo and add new available features.

One of your side objectives in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC is to make the Master Dojo better than ever, done by helping Mustard's wife Honey. We'll show the how to upgrade the Dojo and the fastest way to make the watts needed to pay for it.

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How to Quickly Upgrade the Dojo in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC

To upgrade the Master Dojo in Isle of Armor you'll need to have a huge amount of Watts, which can be spent to add new features to the Dojo which in turn can help you train your Pokemon or get new items/options. The option to unlock Dojo upgrades begins after the completion of the third Dojo trial, whereupon Honey will be on the right side of the main Dojo training room, close to your bedroom. Talk to her and you can begin to spend watts for tiered rewards.

The Dojo has numerous enhancements that can be added by paying watts to Honey. | Joel Franey/USG, Nintendo

All Dojo Upgrades

There are a total of 14 upgrade tiers, each one of which unlocks some new reward, event, feature or option based around the Dojo. We've laid them all out below.

5000A hairstylist is added to the Dojo (accessible through your room).
10,000An unusable PC terminal is added to the Dojo.
20,000The PC is fixed.
30,000A vending machine the player can use appears in the Dojo.
40,000Soda Pop is added to the vending machine.
50,000Lemonade is added to the vending machine.
100,000Cooking ingredients are added to the kitchen refrigerator.
200,000Protein and Iron are added to the vending machine.
300,000Calcium and Zinc are added to the vending machine.
400,000HP Up and Carbos are added to the vending machine.
500,000A Dojo-themed background for your league card.
800,000The player receives Honey's League Card.
1,000,000The player may battle Honey once a day (see more below).
3,280,000The player can go on a walk with Honey as part of a cutscene and receive a Rare League Card.
As you pay more, tiered rewards unlock that improve your options at the Dojo or give you special items. | Joel Franey/USG, Nintendo

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How to Make Watts Quickly

The fastest way to make watts in Isle of Armor is to talk to Digging Ma, the NPC dressed as a miner who can be found around the Isle of Armor, and give her Amorite Ore to dig up watts for you. Depending on your luck, she could get you hundreds of thousands of watts each team, making those higher-tier rewards much more plausible.

How to Unlock and Beat the Secret Honey Boss Battle

After spending 1,000,000 watts total you'll unlock the option to battle with Honey once a day! Talk to her for the option, and she'll escort you to the arena outside, allowing both of your Pokemon to Gigantimax. We've laid out her full team below, as well as what weaknesses they have.

Darmanitan (Galarian)58Fighting, Rock, Steel, Fire
Salazzle58Psychic, Rock, Water
Gallade59Ghost, Flying, Fairy
Togekiss60Poison, Steel, Rock, Electric, Ice
Blastoise/Venusaur (Gigantimax)60See below

Earlier in the game when choosing whether you wanted Bulbasaur or Squirtle, Honey mentions that she'll look after whichever Pokemon you didn't pick. Now we see what she means, as the evolved form of the remaining starter is her final and most powerful Pokemon, one she'll Gigantimax at the climax of the fight. If it's Venusaur, it'll be weak to Psychic, Flying, Ice and Fire. If it's Blastoise, it'll be vulnerable to Grass and Electric attacks. Otherwise we recommend having Pokemon with some powerful Rock-type moves, as half her team have vulnerability to Rock, and the Blissey will struggle to do any damage to Rock Pokemon.

There aren't any real rewards for beating Honey besides a decent cash prize of 9,600 Pokedollars. You can also battle her once a day from that point on.

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