Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC: Where to Find Max Mushrooms for the Second Dojo Trial

Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC: Where to Find Max Mushrooms for the Second Dojo Trial

For your second trial at the Master Dojo, Mustard will ask you to find three Max Mushrooms with a red spiral pattern. Here's where to look.

After joining the Dojo in thePokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC, Mustard will set a series of trials, the second of which involves finding three Max Mushrooms somewhere on the island. We'll show you where to find Max Mushrooms for the second Dojo trial and how to beat the boss fight with your rival.

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Where to Find Max Mushrooms for the Second Dojo Trial in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC

You can find Max Mushrooms in the Warm-Up Tunnel at the North of the Island, on the other side of the Forest of Focus and Training Lowlands. Mustard actually mentions this early on, saying that most of the other students will check the forest, but he knows that all the Mushrooms there were recently eaten by Pokemon. There's no timer on this trial, so feel free to explore as much as you want after beating the first trial.

The Max Mushrooms are hidden inside the Warm-Up Tunnel on the North side of the island. | Joel Franey/USG, Nintendo

How to Get to Warm-Up Tunnel

Though Mustard explains that the Warm-Up Tunnel is on the other side of the forest, that doesn't necessarily make it clear. Fortunately, we've laid out some directions below.

  1. After leaving the Master Dojo, head left to the Soothing Wetlands, where you caught the Slowpoke before.
  2. Turn left towards the ocean and start walking. Before you get there, you'll see a path into the Forest of Focus on the right.
  3. Head into the Forest and go left over the bridge, then right at the berry tree.
  4. Follow the long path that curves with the river until you reach another bridge. Head left rather than go over it, past another berry tree.
  5. Almost immediately you'll see a patch of grass and a path to the left with a final bridge. Head there to make it to the Training Lowlands.
  6. Once there, you should be able to see the Warm-Up Tunnel across from you. Follow the curve of the hill downwards, straight over the grass and head inside.

Where are the Max Mushrooms?

The Max Mushrooms are inside the tunnel about halfway down. Don't worry, it's not a maze, just a straight path with a couple of dead ends splitting off with items in them. The Max Mushrooms are in the main path, huge candy-patterned fungus almost as big as the player, growing out of the right wall. Heal up first, because once you interact with them it'll trigger a battle with your new rival.

It's hard to miss these candy-stripe mushrooms. | Joel Franey/USG, Nintendo

How to Beat Klara/Avery in Warm-Up Tunnel

Whether your rival is Klara or Avery, they'll have added a third Pokemon to their team and increased their levels by one since last battling them (so for us, they were level 61 in the first fight, and increased to level 62) Klara's team is thus:

  • Galar Slowpoke (Psychic)
  • Koffing (Poison)
  • Whirlipede (Poison/Bug)

And Avery is using the following:

  • Galar Slowpoke (Psychic)
  • Kadabra (Psychic)
  • Woobat (Psychic/Flying)

Neither of these line-ups should prove too much trouble, but if you want to know what to use, we've laid out all the type-advantages in our handy guide here! Once you beat them, head back to the Master Dojo the way you came with your fungal prize to complete the second trial.

Where to Find Max Mushrooms After the Second Trial

You can find Max Mushrooms by completing Max Raid battles in the hope it makes them spawn. After finding your first Mushrooms at the second trial, every Mad Raid battle you complete on the Isle of Armor has a small chance to randomly spawn Mushrooms somewhere. The game won't tell you where they've appeared or even if they've appeared, but by our experiences they won't grow anywhere but caves and forests. Explore across the island regularly and complete as many Max Raids as possible to increase the chances of finding Max Mushrooms.

Max Mushrooms have a chance to appear in the wild after beating any Raid Battle. | Joel Franey/USG, Nintendo

How to Change Pokemon from Dynamax to Gigantimax Form

Once you have three Mushrooms in your inventory, head back to the Master Dojo and go into the kitchen on the left, where you'll see a Dojo Student standing by a bubbling pot. If you give him three Mushrooms, you can then select a Pokemon you own and choose to swap it from Dynamax to Gigantimax, or back again.

There's no shortage of Pokemon content waiting for you at USG! See Kat's salute to the end of the "third-version" trend here, or take a look at Eric's story on how Sword and Shield are smashing records here.

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