Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes List (January 2020)

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes List (January 2020)

You can get free gifts in Pokemon Sword and Shield by entering certain Mystery Gift Codes. Here’s a full list of all the active codes available right now.

Pokemon Sword and Shield, like a few Pokemon games before it, has the option to redeem codes to receive Mystery Items. This can be a great way to get your hands on fairly rare items early on, like special PokeBalls and Battle Points. These codes are cycled in and out of the game over time, so it’s worth snapping them up while they’re active. To help you keep track of the Mystery Gifts codes that are currently available we’ve put together this Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes List. We’ll be regularly updating it so that you can get your paws on as many free items as possible. Be sure to check back regularly for new codes.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes (January 2020)

In the list below you’ll find all of the active Mystery Gift codes currently available in the game. We’ve listed the code, rewards and the expiry date for each, and will be sure to cycle them out as new ones become available.

CodeRewardsExpiry Date
K0UN-1NMA-SC0TFast Ball, Moon Ball, Level Ball01/15/20
1YAH-AYAHeavy Ball, Lure Ball, Beast Ball01/15/20
0KUG-AFUK-A1B0-RULove Ball, Friend Ball, Dream Ball01/15/20
PRES-ENT10 Luxury Balls01/30/20
G1GA-NTAM-AX20 BP01/30/20
0T0SH1DAMA10 Dive Balls01/30/20
Here's how to access Mystery Gift Codes | Jake Green/USG, Nintendo

How to Use Mystery Gift Codes in Pokemon Sword and Shield

To redeem Mystery Gift codes in Pokemon Sword and Shield, do the following:

  1. Open the main menu by pressing X
  2. Select ‘Mystery Gift’
  3. Open the ‘Get a Mystery Gift’ option
  4. Choose ‘Get with Code/Password’ and then input the code.
  5. You’ll be given the option to receive an Item Set Gift, this will give you your rewards.
It's easy to get these free rewards! | Jake Green/USG, Nintendo

That’s all the info you’ll need to start earning free rewards using the Mystery Gift function in Pokemon Sword and Shield. For more help with the game why not check out our guide on Evolution Stones. Elsewhere there’s also our look at how to take advantage of all of the type matchups in the game. For a look at which Pokemon are being added as part of the upcoming DLC, head here.

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