Pokemon Sword and Shield Revealed for Nintendo Switch

The eighth Pokemon Generation is finally here.

Today during the Pokemon Direct, Nintendo revealed the next entries in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Pokemon Company president and CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara hosted the short Direct event, outlining a few details of the eighth Pokemon generation.

The new titles are an immense departure for the series visually, putting the full power of the Nintendo Switch to use. They're much further than last year's Pokemon Let's Go, having larger characters and more expansive environments, while still retaining the charm of previous entries. All three Pokemon starters for this generation were shown, including the grass-based monkey Grookey, the fire-based Scorbunny, the sad, water-based Sobble.

According to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield producer Junichi Matsuda, the games are aimed at veteran players, new players of Pokemon Go and Pokemon Let's Go, and brand-new folks. Pokemon Sword and Shield director Shigeru Ohmori reveal the new setting of the games: the Galar Region. The Galar Region includes the quiet countryside, snowy mountains, and vast plains. Most of the Pokemon regions are based roughly on real-world counterparts, like the Alola Region, being based on Hawaii; Galar looks to be based on merry old England, much like Forza Horizon 4 last year.

Pokemon's most recent entry sent it back to Kanto for Pokemon Let's Go. It was a nice looking game, but this version looks even prettier.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will be released simultaneously worldwide in late 2019 on Nintendo Switch. Go here for everything we know about the eighth generation of Pokemon. For more about the upcoming Pokemon titles, you can hit up our Everything We Know article!

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