Pokemon Sword and Shield Type Chart

Pokemon Sword and Shield Type Chart

Type matchups are an extremely important part of any battle in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Here’s a full Type Chart for the game.

Battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield revolve around type matchups. Every type of Pokemon in the game is weak to, and strong against, a handful of others. Taking advantage of the extra damage when a move registers as super effective is often the key to winning a battle, though you will need to know which types interact in which ways. To help you out, we’ve put together a Pokemon Sword and Shield Type Chart. It’ll detail which types register as super effective against others, so that you can always have the right Pokemon in your party.

Type Chart

We’ve built a type chart below featuring all 18 types found in Pokemon Sword and Shield. There have been some new types added in recent years, so keeping track of all of the specific interactions has gotten a little tricky. Alongside each type you’ll find a list of the types it is strong against (super effective) and weak to. We’ll then go into some detail on each type.

TypeSuper Effective AgainstWeak to
BugDark, Grass, PsychicFire, Flying, Rock
DarkGhost, PsychicBug, Fairy, Fighting
DragonDragonDragon, Fairy, Ice
ElectricFlying, WaterGround
FairyDark, Dragon, FightingPoison, Steel
FightingDark, Ice, Normal, Rock, SteelFairy, Flying, Psychic
FireBug, Grass, Ice, SteelGround, Rock, Water
FlyingBug, Fighting, GrassElectric, Ice, Rock
GhostGhost, PsychicDark, Ghost
GrassGround, Rock, WaterBug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
GroundElectric, Fire, Poison, Rock, SteelGrass, Ice, Water
IceDragon, Flying, Grass, GroundFighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
PoisonFairy, GrassGround, Psychic
PsychicFighting, PoisonBug, Dark, Ghost
RockBug, Fire, Flying, IceFighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water
SteelFairy, Ice, RockFighting, Fire, Ground
WaterFire, Ground, RockElectric, Grass

What to Use Against Fire Pokemon

Let’s start by taking a look at what to use against Fire Type Pokemon. Fire Pokemon are weak to Water, Ground, and Rock attacks.

What to Use Against Water Type Pokemon

If you’re facing off against Water Type Pokemon, your best bets would be Electric and Grass attacks. This will result in a super effective damage modifier.

Here’s What to Use Against Grass Types

Grass Type Pokemon like Bulbasaur and Oddish can be tricky to face. You’ll want to have a party filled with Pokemon capable of Fire, Bug, Ice, Poison and Flying moves.

What to Use Against Bug Types

Bug Types are an odd case in the Pokemon world. It’s often easy to forget their place in type matchups, though if you go at them with Fire, Flying, and Rock types you'll come out on top.

What Are Normal Pokemon Weak to?

No Pokemon in Sword and Shield are weak to Normal Type. You can however, land super effective attacks on them by using Fighting Type moves.

Which Moves to Use Against Dark Pokemon

Dark Pokemon were introduced in Generation II to counteract Psychic Pokemon. If you’re facing down a dark Pokemon, use Fairy, Bug or Fighting attacks.

What to Use Against Dragon Pokemon

Dragon Pokemon can be seriously intimidating foes. They are weak to other Dragon attacks as well as Fairy and Ice moves.

Battling Electric Pokemon

You’ll likely come across Electric Type Pokemon pretty early on in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Use Ground attacks to land super effective moves on them.

What Are Fairy Types Weak to?

Fairy Types are a recent addition to the Pokemon games. They can be tricky to counter, as they are only weak to Poison and Steel attacks, some of the rarest in the game.

Which Types Should You Use Against Fighting Pokemon?

Fighting Type Pokemon hit extremely hard, though can easily be countered using Fairy, Flying and Psychic moves. This makes Pokemon like Machop, Clefairy and Corvisquire viable options.

What to Use Against Flying Types

Sword and Shield has some great Flying Type Pokemon to catch early on. If you’re facing off against one, you should use Electric, Ice and Rock moves.

What Are Ghost Types Weak to?

Ghost Pokemon are relatively rare in Sword and Shield, though you will face off against them as part of one of the gym challenges. You’ll need Ghost and Dark attacks to win.

What Are Ground Pokemon Weak to?

It’s easy to confuse Ground and Rock type Pokemon, given they often have similar appearances and moves. For Ground types, use Grass, Ice or Water.

What to Use Against Ice Pokemon

Ice Pokemon are effective against Dragon, Flying, Grass and Ground. To take them down, use Fighting, Fire, Rock, or Steel attacks.

What Are Poison Type Pokemon Weak to?

If you want to beat Poison Type Pokemon, you’ll need to use Ground or Psychic types. Diglett and Mewtwo would be good options here.

What to Use Against Psychic Pokemon

Psychic Pokemon used to be seriously overpowered back in Gen I. Now though, you can take them down with Bug, Dark or Ghost type Pokemon.

Rock Type Pokemon Weaknesses

This one’s easy. As many of you Gen I fans will know (thanks to Brock being the very first gym leader) Rock Type Pokemon are weak to Fighting, Grass, Water, and Ground. They are also weak to Steel type, which was added as part of Gen II.

Steel Type Pokemon Weaknesses

Finally, we have Steel Type. These Pokemon can be taken down using Fighting, Fire or Ground Types.

There you have it, every Type matchup you’ll face in Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you need any more help with the game, check out our guides on getting the Rotom Bike, and where to find all of the TM Moves.

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