Pokemon Sword and Shield's Isle of Armor DLC Launches June 17

Pokemon Sword and Shield's Isle of Armor DLC Launches June 17

We're off on a new adventure very shortly.

Feast your eyes on the brand new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield's DLC expansions. Nintendo just released a new trailer earlier today, which reveals that the first DLC expansion for both games will launch on June 17.

This would be the Isle of Armor expansion. You can see the full new trailer below, which actually centers on both the Isle of Armor and the Frozen Tundra expansions equally, although there's only a release date for the former expansion for later this month.

Previously, we knew that the Isle of Armor expansion would be launching for both Pokemon Sword and Shield in June, we just didn't know exactly when. We'll be journeying to an all-new location separate from the base game when the Isle of Armor launches, complete with brand new Pokemon.

One of these new Pokemon is Galarian Slowbro. At the very beginning of the new DLC trailer above, you can see the Galarian version of Slowbro in all his gross glory, taking a brief nap before waking up. We can pretty safely expect Galarian Slowbro to be introduced to both Pokemon Sword and Shield with the Isle of Armor expansion later this month.

It's worth noting that the Frozen Tundra expansion for both Pokemon Sword and Shield is still slated to launch later in 2020. You can purchase the expansion pass right now, that unlocks both expansions when they're available. You can catch Galarian Slowpoke right now in both games without purchasing the expansion pass, before facing off against its final form later this month.

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