Pokemon Sword and Shield's New Mythical Pokemon Will Eviscerate You...If a Caterpie Doesn't Kill It First

Pokemon Sword and Shield's New Mythical Pokemon Will Eviscerate You...If a Caterpie Doesn't Kill It First

Your only defense against this mad monkey might be some ten-year-old's butterfly.

If Pokemon Sword and Shield's adorable Grookey sets your heart a-flutter, here comes a new Mythical Pokemon to remind you most simians can—and will—tear your face off your bones. Zarude, a Dark/Grass-type, will drop into the Galar Region at an unspecified date.

The Pokemon Company unveiled Zarude this morning with a video of the "Rogue Monkey Pokemon." According to the video, Zarude is a strong climber and swinger that boasts sharp claws and a quick wit. Its ability is Leaf Guard, which prevents its status from changing in sunny weather.

Zarude does indeed look fierce thanks to its red eyes, bared teeth, and black fur. Its unique Dark/Grass-typing is also an attention-grabber, though Pokemon fans on Twitter are understandably wondering how it's supposed to defend itself against humble Bug-types. Bug-types are strong against Dark- and- Grass-types; as fierce as Zarude looks, it might essentially wind up as Caterpie food.

I doubt Zarude's weaknesses are that straightforward, though. This killer baboon probably has a few tricks up its furry sleeve to send bug trainers running home to mama. We'll find out when we get more information about Zarude in the future. For now, enjoy the community's jokes about whether Zarude can use Sandstorm.

Pokemon Sword and Shield's popularity hasn't slowed down much since its November 2019 release. The game quickly passed 16 million units sold, making it one of the best-selling games on the Switch. With Zarude on the horizon (rest assured it's glaring at you) and DLC planned for 2020, Pokemon fans should expect to hang around the Galar Region for a little longer.

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