Pokemon X and Y Post Game: What to Do After You've Beaten the Elite Four?

What do you do after you've finished Pokemon X/Y? If you're not willing to discard your team just yet, here are ideas for the post-game jubilations.

Article by Cassandra Khaw, .

So, you've beaten the Elite Four.

Now what?

Do you migrate to the next diversion or do squeeze the last, lingering drops of gameplay from the cartridge? It's the eternal question: do you go or do you stay? Personally, I'm an advocate of the latter. Money doesn't grow on trees, after all, and $40 is hardly pocket change. For those interested in extending the lifespan of Pokemon X/Y just a little further, here are a few post-game festivities you may be interested in pursuing:

Attempt a 'Locke Challenge

The Nuzlocke Challenge is an idea rooted in the infamous 4chan boards. Created by the eponymous user, the challenge, which was presented in comic format, pivoted on several rules: catch only the first Pokemon you encounter on each route, name each and every Pokemon you keep and release any that "faint". The idea here was to foster a deeper Pokemon-trainer relationship and to coerce the aspirant into developing new appreciation (or hatred) for the Pokemon inhabiting the game. And, of course, to make everything that much bloody harder. Are you up to the challenge?

If the Nuzlocke Challenge isn't quite up your alley, one of the many spin-off challenges that eventually wormed its way into the community's notice may prove to be your Dark Souls of Pokemon. There's an absolutely ponderous guide to all the popular challenge types over at Marriland. As always, however, to make things a little easier for those who don't have the time to sieve through the expansive details, here's a brief run-down of all the popular gauntlets:

  • Wedlocke Challenge The Wedlocke Challenge is essentially the same as the Nuzlocke Challenge except for one crucial detail: the active team must comprise of 3 Pokemon of each gender. Each Pokemon must be "paired" with another Pokemon of the opposite gender and will, once given a partner, be allowed to only fight (and die) alongside its mate.
  • Scramble Challenge Have "great" friends? If so, this one is for you. The Scramble Challenge basically requires you to fight with Pokemon that other people picked out for you. Yes, this may include Bidoofs and Magikarps.
  • Monotype Challenge: Ever dreamed of being a Gym Leader? In that case, you've got to play one. The Monotype Challenge requires you to pick with a single type and stick with it till the bitter end. Thankfully, dual types are permitted in this deal.
  • Solo Challenge: Can you survive Pokemon X/Y with only one Pokemon in your team? Really? You can? Prove it.
  • Catchless Challenge: The Catchless Challenge operates on an extremely simple idea: you cannot catch them all. Those participating in the Catchless Challenge can only build their teams from what they've been given. No trading, no buying, no catching.
  • Character Challenge: The Character Challenge requires would-be contenders to pretend that they're a character from the franchise. Everything you do must adhere to canon as closely as possible. G'luck.
  • Moveset Challenge: The Moveset Challenge is, in many ways, similar to the Scramble Challenge. The only difference here is while you're permitted to choose your own team, you are stuck operating with the moveset others have selected for you.
With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Catch 'em all!

Look, here's the deal. This is Pokemon we're talking about. The franchise built around that one iconic conceit: gotta catch 'em all! Honestly, it's almost blasphemous to even contemplate not grabbing every single one of those brightly-colored critters. So, don't stop at 50. Don't even pause for 100. Already have 300? Pfft. A trifling number next to the grand total. Once you've finished your game, why not make it a point to go back and work on acquiring each and every last Pokemon?

Yes. Including the Legendaries. All of them.

Get All the Mega Evolutions

Mega Evolutions are the "new" thing in Pokemon X/Y. The 3D models withstanding, of course. If you're reading this, I'm going to assume you already know what Mega Evolutions are. (If you don't, well, what were you doing all game, man?) Asides from being rather awesome, Mega Evolutions tend to be uniformly elusive. Those Mega Stones? Not easy to come by. On the off-chance you've somehow already caught every last Pokemon, here's a suggestion: kick things up a notch by hunting down every last Mega Stone. Just, you know, because. Obsessive compulsion is quite literally the underlining narrative of the game, anyway.

Geek has a comprehensive guide on the subject matter. However, I strongly advise you attempt the quest without external assistance. Only weaklings use walkthroughs. (I'm kidding. No one is judging. MUCH.)

Butterfly collection? Pfft. Try Vivillion collecting instead!

All the colors of the rainbows and then some!

"Wait. What do I want with more Vivillions? I already have one!"

Funny you should ask that, person of indeterminate gender! Vivillions are a unique breed in Pokemon X/Y. Unlike other Pokemon, they come in 18 different varieties, each of which corresponds to a different geographical region within the real world. In order to accrue every single pattern, you're going to want to wheedle and work your way into convincing friends and strangers alike to assist with the process. And since we're on the subject...

Help make Wonder Trade a better place

Don't look at me that way. We both know you've done it. After all, I've done it too. Almost everyone who is anyone has, at some point or another, put a Bunnelby into Wonder Trade. Whether it is due to innocence or laziness, we've all sent something worthless into the ether in hopes of being unfairly rewarded with something far more awesome. Unfortunately, while such actions are deliciously selfish, they're not very good for the community. Or for you. To put it another way, do you really want your little brother to be disappointed by yet another Bidoof or do you want him to yelp in glee because Wonder Trade brought a cool-as-ice Vaporeon? Yeah, I thought so too. For more in-depth suggestions, here's an article I wrote not too long ago about ways to improve Wonder Trade.

"Hello? This is the Looker Detective Agency."

Looker Detective Agency is a side quest that can only be activated after you've completed the game. As you might have already surmised from the sub-titling, the entire chain of events revolves around the aforementioned business and the machinations of a detective named, uh, Looker. (I suspect the translator in charge of this section was a tad literal-minded.) For fear of spoiling the entire affair for you, I'm going to keep this as brisk as possible. Just get to Lumiose City after you've given the Elite Four the trouncing they deserved. The game will take it from there. Regrettably, the Looker Detective Agency isn't a particularly long or engaging narrative but it is, however, interesting. Even if it may leave you permanently anxious around those creepy Espurrs...

Oooooo, shiny ... Pokemon, that is!

Who needs strategic perfection and boundless patience? Distinguish yourself in the battlefield with a team of shiny Pokemon. I can almost guarantee you that possession of such alternatively-tinted creatures will surprise your opponent into incompetence. Why is that? Because acquiring even a single shiny Pokemon is a feat onto itself. Unless you're operating under the auspice of certain procedures, your chances of either breeding or encountering a shiny Pokemon in the wild is as low 1/8192. Want to know how you make things a little easier on yourself? Then, come check our handy-dandy guide to owning your first shiny Pokemon

Unleash the perfect Pokemon Team!

There's no shame to admitting to a little bit of a megalomania. We all know that what you'd like to do best is crush your closest friends in a friendly Pokemon match-up. That's the whole reason you purchased Pokemon X/Y, isn't it? To beat up your friends? No? Well, you should totally start thinking about this now. Dueling with other players is an almost astonishingly engrossing experience. It's partially because of all the rulesets you've got to account for, partially because you have no real foreknowledge of what the other dude is going to chuck at you. Most importantly, perhaps, it's because, in order to be a viable contender in the global arena, you're going to have to dive into the surreal rabbit hole that is Pokemon breeding. Which is practically a game (or a science) onto itself.

Pink is the color of perfection.

Duke it out in the Battle Chateau Royale!

The Battle Chateau is kind of like Pokemon hardcore mode. (At least, from the perspective of the developers themselves.) Here in the Chateau, there is no real pretense at a narrative or demands that you begin the whole sequence of events yet again. Instead, the Battle Chateau demands you fight for the right to wield pompous titles (you begin as a Baron/Baroness! How Quaint!) and to, well, fight for ridiculous amounts of money and experience points. Trainers both familiar and not will make sporadic appearances in the Chateau, providing you with the opportunity to revitalize old grudges and rub your training prowess into their blandly smiling visages yet again. What makes Battle Chateau especially intriguing, though, is the presence of Writs - a bunch of ordinances that can help you tune the difficulty level to your exact preferences.


Have you...

... turned your trainer into a fashion maven?

... gained access to the elitist clothing boutique in Lumiose City?

... unlocked all the hair cuts for the Froufrou in your life?

... upgraded your Power Ring? Joined a Sky Battle? Visited your Friends' Safaris? Answered all the quizmaster's esoteric questions in a satisfactory manner? There's a wealth of mostly inconsequential but entertaining activities to partake in after you've finished the game. You just have to go out there and find them.

Know of something to do in the post-game that I haven't mentioned yet? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Avatar for LunarKnite #1 LunarKnite 4 years ago
    Currently breeding perfect Omanytes and then onto Horseas and Poliwags. There's not much actual post game compared to previous games, but with all the easy online features and the improved accessibility of certain game mechanics, this has kept me around for quite a bit longer.
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  • Avatar for The-Fool #2 The-Fool 4 years ago
    Well, Wonder Trade is pretty great. I try my hardest to send out some great Pokemans... but sometimes I get some not-that-great ones back.

    I do send those back out into the ether... after I have infected them with Pokerus... like all my Wonder Trades. It makes me feel like that Lvl 3 Bunnelby isn't completely horrible, as long as it has Pokerus.

    My favourite Wonder Trades were all my Pokerus infected Dratinis! Good times.
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  • Avatar for cassandrakhaw #3 cassandrakhaw 4 years ago
    @Duskblayde I think my favorite was the Drudiggon I got the very first time. I was -floored-. Started becoming obsessed about making Wonder Trade better after that.

    Yeah! Agreed. When I'm feeling lazy, I try to, at the very least, infect 'em with Pokerus. :D
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  • Avatar for GustinHardy #4 GustinHardy 4 years ago
    I've sunk nearly 40 hours into the game and I'm just now entering the 8th gym. I think once I finish the final four I'm going to move on to something else but it's been a pretty great ride.
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  • Avatar for DJFreshyFresh #5 DJFreshyFresh 4 years ago
    Not going to lie, if I got a shiny bidoof over wonder trade I would probably crap my pants out of sheer happiness. BTW does anyone have a shiny bidoof? I NEED ONE!!!!
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  • Avatar for DJFreshyFresh #6 DJFreshyFresh 4 years ago
    BTW please add me 1091-8834-1757
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  • Avatar for Dialga_Tardis #7 Dialga_Tardis 4 years ago
    Another thing to do is get through all the ST sessions with a ribbon even the secret ones.
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  • Avatar for edsonlb #8 edsonlb 4 years ago
    Hey, this site can help!
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  • Avatar for mathiasjrg #9 mathiasjrg 4 years ago
    @Duskblayde Yeah I know how you are i never send out "bad" pokemon always maybe a Druddigon, Kabuto, Froakie, Chespin or something good :)

    Btw, could ya spare a Pokérus?
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  • Avatar for rajpaz11 #10 rajpaz11 4 years ago
    Well you could do I what I used to do with my old fire red games and platinum games, which is (THIS IS COMPLICATED AND PADANTIC WARNING) get all the different types in a list and list off of them all their weaknesses and strengths. Then get all the gym types and make a perfect team to counter that. Then get the elite four types and work in your team to counter that. Then get each individual Pokemon you will encounter in the gyms and elite four to find the best counter. Then finally if your really feeling lucky (and bored) get a list of all the different trainers and their Pokemon that you will encounter to find a best counter type team. Then just select the Pokemon best fit the description to make THE ULTIMATE TEAM.
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  • Avatar for caseybrown23 #11 caseybrown23 4 years ago
    No mention of the Maison.
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  • Avatar for juulvanderstaak36 #12 juulvanderstaak36 4 years ago
    Oh, I have a thing! Try to catch as many Spinda as possible! They all have different patterns (or well, one in four million have the same), and chaining is much easier if you have the motivation of finding a spotless Spinda or something. Aaah, I love Spinda. They're so drunk and cute <3
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  • Avatar for stephentrotter55 #13 stephentrotter55 4 years ago
    Get your Legendary Bird! After beating the game, I caught a Zapdos. Apparently which bird it is depends on which starter you picked. You have to track it with the pokedex after you first encounter it, where it will run. After about 10 or so encounters it settles in the cave in the bay, where you can catch it!
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  • Avatar for PersonSP #14 PersonSP 3 years ago
    I´ve listed 10 things you could do post Elite Four. Have fun!

    1. Ok, this one might seem lame but if you´re bored you may want to try to master all skatetricks and chain them. It´s a whole lot harder than it seems!

    2. Find all, and I mean ALL hidden items, those seeable and those unseeable (pokeradar). It´s actually kinda nice to find free stuff right?

    3. Beat the Elite Four AGAIN, but with a completely different team.

    4. Compete in online competitions and events.

    5. Check the pokedex. There are quite a few pokemon with more than one version. Of course we all know Vivillon but did you know about the different sizes of Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist? Gotta collect ´em al.

    6. If you haven´t done it yet collect all TM´s; they´re usefull.

    7. Catch Zegarde, Mewtwo and your legendary bird.

    8. Find your way into the Chamber of Emptiness. If you come at the right time you might discover that it´s not as empty as it seems...

    9. Battle your rival in Kiloude and (for girls, I don´t know about the guys version) get your fabulous Sundae Dress after helping out a desperate artist.

    10. Try to figure out some of the mysteries of the game, if your looking for them you´ll discover they´re everywhere.
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  • If you are too much of a n00b like me, you can just catch a haunter, ( more ifyou don't want to do this next step) and breed it with another egg group pokemon and spam wonder trade. Gengar everywhere. I wonder if that guy that got a shiny Gengar feels now.


    YOU get a ride in the TARDIS, YOU get a ride in the TARDIS, EVERYONE GETS A RIDE IN THE TARDIS!Edited July 2014 by Phosphoradapokemonsu
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  • Avatar for Paulo-Luis #16 Paulo-Luis A year ago
    types and make a perfect team to counter that. Then get the elite four types and work in your team tudo sobre tecnologia to counter that. Then get each individual Pokemon you will encounter tecnologia in the gyms and elite four to find the best counter. Then finally if your really tudo sobre games feeling lucky (and bored) get a list of all the different trainers and games their Pokemon that you will encounter to find a best counter type team. Then just select the Pokemon best fit the description to make THE ULTIMATE TEAM.
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