Pokémon GO: Complete Guide and Walkthrough - Everything you Need to Know

Pokémon GO: Complete Guide and Walkthrough - Everything you Need to Know

From hints and tips to features and news, here's everything USGamer's staff has covered about Pokémon GO.

This page features every USGamer guide and article pertaining to Pokémon GO, the mobile game phenomenon from Niantic, Nintendo, and The Pokémon Company.

Whether you're looking for hints to improve yourself as a Pokémon GO trainer, or whether you want insight into how the game is shaping the Pokémon franchise and the industry in general, USGamer has plenty of Pokémon GO-related content for you to pore over.

Pokémon GO Tips, Hints, and Guides

How to Get Pikachu as a Starter
Here's how to get everyone's favorite electric mouse as your first Pokémon.

How to Earn XP and Level Up Fast
Gain XP fast and increase your trainer level to find better Pokémon.

How to Hatch Eggs Using Incubators
A guide to egg hatching, and the types of Pokémon you can expect to get.

How to Claim Gyms and Win Gym Battles
Tips on how to capture and hold gyms for your team in Pokémon Go.

How to Map Pokémon in Real Time
Use PokéVision to find the locations and despawn times of nearby Pokémon.

How to Earn Free Pokécoins
How to earn a steady supply of Pokécoins for all your Poké-needs.

Tips and Tricks for Advanced Trainers
Lesser known tips and tricks that will help you improve as a trainer.

Where to Find Certain Pokémon Types
Fantastic Pokémon and where to find them, based on their type and climate.

All Consumable Items and How to Use Them
A list of Pokémon GO's consumable items and the best way to use them.

Where to Find Candy and Stardust
The best methods for finding the candy and stardust for strengthening your Pokémon.

Which Pokémon Are the Strongest?
Here's which Pokémon are the strongest of the bunch in Pokémon GO.

How to Evolve Your Eevee
Learn how to evolve your Eevee into Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolteon.

Level-Up Rewards Guide
A guide to the rewards you can expect when leveling up.

How to Save Battery Power While Playing
Tips on how to preserve your smartphone's battery while playing Pokémon GO.

How to Capture Pokémon Like a Pro
Learn how to improve your Pokémon-catching game with these tips and hints.

Pokémon GO News, Features, and Articles

Pokémon GO Players Complete Their PokéDexes with Patience, Footwork, and Ceiling Fans
Some trainers have already caught them all. Here's how they did it.

Niantic Reveals Team Leaders, Future Game Plans for Pokémon GO at Comic-Con
Who will you fight for? Choose wisely, because Niantic plans to dote on Pokémon GO for a long time.

Pokémon GO Plus Misses July, Coming in September
Smartphone batteries everywhere will have to drain at an alarming rate a little bit longer.

Would Pokémon GO Naysayers Play Game of Thrones GO?
Some people say they're too old for Pokémon GO, but what about a Game of Thrones GO?

Pokémon GO Pushes Gamestop Merch Sales Up 100 Percent
Though it's a free digital game, Pokémon GO is proving very profitable for GameStop.

Pokémon GO Has Amazing User Retention, is Making Crazy Money
The early data for Pokémon GO is pretty darn impressive.

USgamer's RPG Podcast Ponders Pokémon GO's Impact on the Series
Kat and Bob talk about how Pokémon GO might impact Pokémon in general.

Pokémon GO Review: Broken App, Amazing Community
Mike reviews Pokémon GO.

From Us To You Gets Swept Up in the Pokémon GO Mania
The USGamer team talks about Pokémon GO's long-term prospects on From Us to You.

Pokémon GO Rolls Onto the App Store and Google Play With Some Issues
Pokémon GO hits the digital marketplace, and the frenzy begins.

My First Day With Pokémon GO Was a Bust
Kat relays her first disappointing day with Pokémon GO in Japan.

Watch Where You're Pokémon GO-ing
Mike tosses out a reminder to play Pokémon GO with caution.

Did Pokémon GO Just Re-Invent the MMO?
Jeremy wonders if Pokémon GO is the Pokémon MMO everyone's been clamoring for since the early 2000's.

Why I Refuse to Play Pokémon GO: The Lament of a Lonely Canadian
Nadia mourns Pokémon GO's absence from the Canadian App Store.

5 Series That Should Shamelessly Clone Pokémon GO
Jeremy looks at some other game series that would benefit from the Pokémon GO AR treatment.

Pokémon GO: The Unfortunate Intersection of Game and Life
Mike highlights some of the more unfortunate and tasteless collisions of Pokémon's GO fantasy realm and the harsh outside world.

Four Reasons Why Pokémon GO's Long-Term Prospects are Looking Pretty Good Nadia examines Pokémon GO's long-term potential.

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