Pokémon GO is Coming to the Apple Watch

Pokémon GO is Coming to the Apple Watch

You still need your phone to Catch 'em All, but the Pokémon GO Apple Watch app is great for people who love long PokéWalks.

If you've spent these past couple of months thinking Pokémon GO is a perfect fit for the Apple Watch, here's good news: Niantic feels the same way.

Pokémon GO is coming to Apple's digital timepiece, though it's not exactly a straight port of the mobile app. The Apple Watch iteration of GO is tailored towards fitness-minded users. An on-screen display shows the distance you cover during a PokéWalk, plus how many calories you burn.

Of course, the Apple Watch's version of Pokémon GO isn't bereft of Pokémon. You can still preview which Pokémon are nearby, harvest items from PokéStops, hatch eggs, and earn medals. However, though the Watch alerts you when a Pokémon pops up, you still need to catch it with your phone. Also, you can't wage gym battles from your wrist.

Look for the Pokémon GO Apple Watch app later this year.

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