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There are some great Flash games around the Web. But outside of curated portals such as the Gamestop-owned Kongregate and publisher sites like Armor Games and MiniClip, most of which provide some means of you marking your favorite games and returning to them later, it's quite difficult to build up a coherent "library" of your favorite titles, short of using browser bookmarks and related services.

Enter, then, which shamelessly borrows the mechanics from popular social media site Pinterest and applies them to the Flash games arena.

Should keep you busy for a while.

For those who have never used Pinterest (or, for that matter) the basic gist is thus: your account is a virtual "pinboard" where you can collect things you want to return to later. In the case of Pinterest, these are usually images -- sometimes with text such as recipes or instructions on crafting projects -- but in the case of, they're Flash games. On both sites, you can collect related content together into groups -- in's case, it makes the most sense to collect things together according to genre, but you may also wish to bring together related works from a favorite developer.

This being the age of social media, of course, you're not doing all this in a vacuum. Other users can follow your boards, allowing them to potentially discover some new favorite games, and similarly, you can follow other users' boards, too, which in turn will populate a front-page feed of new "Pongs" so there's always a stream of new content for you to explore. And for those of you who don't want yet another login to keep track of, the default front page and genre boards should keep you busy for quite some time, too. And for those of you worried about stumbling across some of the less... salubrious aspect of Flash games, fear not -- has a strict "no pornography" rule, so you can browse with confidence. is an interesting idea because it assigns a degree of "value" to Flash games -- experiences that many have seen up until now as somewhat disposable, quick-hit forms of entertainment that often aren't worth returning to more than a couple of times. By curating your own collection using a service like Pong, however, you can effectively learn more about your tastes -- and those of others -- in order to discover the surprising depth and expression of some of these browser-based titles.

Some of the highlights from the front page include the curious adventure Icarus Needs, which is probably best described as a cross between a Game & Watch and a digital comic; Bob the Robber is a neat little stealth title; and, of course, while it may not be a game, if you haven't yet seen Dot Dot Dot, you have been missing out.

To get started, just head on over to and sign up, then add the bookmarklet to your browser for quick and easy Ponging. USgamer accepts no responsibility for lost productivity.

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