Portal's GlaDOS is Back in the New Trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising

Portal's GlaDOS is Back in the New Trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising

We never wanted her gone.

GLaDOS is back, but not because there's a new Portal game. No, she returns as the narrative AI in the newest trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising, the sequel to Guillermo del Toro's love letter to Kaiju and Mech anime.

The new trailer for the sequel, Pacific Rim Uprising dropped today as part of San Diego Comic-Con and after a brief moment of confusion, I quickly placed the narrator as GlaDOS from Portal before remember that her voice was also in the first Pacific Rim as the universe's AI. A cool Easter egg then, and a cool Easter egg now.

"What is a Jaeger?" asks the GlaDOS-like voice asks in the new Pacific Rim Uprising trailer. Oh how I missed that ominous robotic AI voice.

GLaDOS' voice actor Ellen McLain was cast in the first Pacific Rim back in 2013 because according to Del Toro, the director was a huge fan. "I wanted very much to have her, because I'm a big Portal fan," he said to the Toronto Sun. Del Toro even went as far as to send Valve a request to use the same vocal filter, though the final film used a "slightly less GlaDOS" filter. "Slightly" being the optimal word here since it's pretty dang close.

It's unknown if Ellen McLain reprised her role for the Pacific Rim Uprising trailer. I've reached out for an official confirmation, but it sounds like her. Point is, Pacific Rim and Portal share a universe and that's my favorite canon.

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