You Can Play Hitman 2's New Co-Op Mode Right Now

You Can Play Hitman 2's New Co-Op Mode Right Now

Well look at that.

IO Interactive and WB Games revealed Hitman 2 today and one of the big announcements for the sequel is a new co-op mode. A first for the series. Turns out if you pre-order Hitman 2 today you'll gain access to one of the new modes in Hitman 2 "Sniper Assassin." What's more, it'll be available for solo or co-op play.

Sniper Assassin is a new mode in Hitman 2 where players will be limited to sniping tasked with taking down their targets. But, if you play co-op you'll be hunting down your targets with two other new operatives, Stone and Night. These new teammates will have their own dialogue and story, and even their own unique abilities. You can see the trailer for Sniper Assassin below.

Hitman 2 is the direct sequel to IO Interactive's 2016 Hitman game. Unlike the previous Hitman game, Hitman 2 will ditch the seasonal structure and release as a full game. New features include the aforementioned co-op mode, even more ways to assassinate targets, and of course, post-launch content.

We expect to see more Hitman 2 at E3 2018 next week. Check out our full E3 2018 guide for the most up-to-date stream schedules and news.

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