Predator Hunting Grounds: How to Win as a Soldier/Fireteam

Predator Hunting Grounds: How to Win as a Soldier/Fireteam

You may think the Predator vs. four soldiers is a pretty uneven fight, but that's not the case in Predator: Hunting Grounds. Here's how to win matches as a soldier.

Predator Hunting Grounds pits a four-player squad of soldiers against the iconic alien hunter known as the Predator. And while you may feel pretty helpless as a member of a Fireteam, there are plenty of strategies you can utilize to make sure you and your pals make it out of the jungle alive. In this guide we'll detail the best ways to win matches as a soldier, so that you can emerge victorious against all odds.

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How to Win as a Fireteam in Predator Hunting Grounds

To win as a soldier in Predator Hunting Grounds you will need to do one of the following things:

  1. Complete all objectives and then reach the helicopter extraction point to escape
  2. Kill the Predator, and survive any self-destruct sequences that trigger

If you meet one of these objectives, you'll win. In reality, it's not really that simple, as you'll need to stay alive against a laser-wielding, nuke-carrying hunter that can also turn invisible. To help you out we've included some tips for winning as a soldier below.

1. Stick Together


The most important thing to keep in mind while playing Predator Hunting Grounds as a soldier Fireteam is to stay together. The Predator will make mincemeat of any stragglers in your group, so stay where your team can see you. If the Predator attacks, you'll all be able to open fire, which should be enough to scare off any player stalking you as the Predator.

2. Complete Reinforcement Missions as Soon as Possible


If anyone in your team is killed, they'll be added to a reinforcement mission. This mission will trigger a couple of minutes after their death, and will allow you to bring downed teammates back into the game. Your main advantage against the Predator is that you have more members of your team, so replenish it as soon as you can.

3. Mark the Predator Every Time You See It


You'll likely catch glimpses of the Predator before you see it outright, so make sure you mark it every time. To do so, press up on your d-pad while aiming at it. Stay on it, as this will alert your teammates and tell them where to shoot.

4. The Predator is Surprisingly Easy to Kill

Jake Green/USG

In our time playing the game so far one thing has become very clear—the Predator is pretty weak. If you manage to get a lot of damage in, and it starts to flee, chase it down. You'll be able to follow its blood trails, and if you and your team stay close to it you'll likely be able to take it down. Just don't go running off on your own.

5. Don't Underestimate the AI Soldiers


Given that the game is called Predator Hunting Grounds, it can be easy to become fixated on the titular beastie. It's not the only threat you'll need to look out for however, and if you're not careful, the enemy soldiers will chip away at your precious health reserves. Take them seriously.

6. Aim For The Mask


When shooting at the Predator, always aim at the mask. It's possible to damage the biomask it is wearing, which will disable its ability to aimwith the laser, and also prevent the use of IR scanning. This seriously hinders the Predator, making the match as good as won.

7. If Going For An Objective-Based Win, Get Sneaky


One method that we've found particularly useful is to distract the Predator at a completed objective area, while a single soldier heads off to take on the next objective alone. This is a good way to get a headstart on the next objective, and we've found that when being shot at, the Predator never notices one soldier running off, especially if they're covered in mud. Speaking of…

8. Cover Yourself in Mud to Avoid Detection

Jake Green/USG

One of the most iconic scenes in the first Predator movie is when Arnold Schwarzenegger covers himself in mud to hide from the Predator's IR vision. This is carried over into Predator Hunting Grounds, so make use of it whenever you can. If you see wet mud on the ground, look at it and hold square. This will cover you, making you harder to detect via IR scanning. This can be extremely useful at the start of the game, before you've started shooting and giving away your position.

9. Keep an Eye On Your Ammo Reserves

Jake Green/USG

It's actually surprisingly easy to run out of ammo, so keep an eye on your supplies. Check buildings for ammo crates, you'll see yellow glowing packages that you can collect. Alternatively, take ammo from dead soldiers.

That's all we have on playing as a soldier in Predator Hunting Grounds. For a look at how to win as the Predator, head here.

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