Predator Hunting Grounds: How to Win as the Predator

Predator Hunting Grounds: How to Win as the Predator

We teach you how to win matches while playing as the deadly Predator.

Playing as the Predator in Predator Hunting Grounds is a lot harder than it may seem. Hunting down four soldiers should be quick work, if the movies are to be believed that is, but to keep the game balanced developer Illfonic has added some interesting nuances to the alien's arsenal. As such, you'll need to play in a certain way if you want to win matches as the Predator. We've included some essential tips on how to do so below.

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How to Win as the Predator in Predator Hunting Grounds

To win as the Predator in Predator Hunting Grounds you will need to satisfy one of the following conditions:

  1. Kill all four soldiers
  2. Stop the soldiers from completing their objectives before the timer runs out

These objectives are pretty difficult to achieve if you don't know what you're doing. To help you out we've included some tips on winning matches as the Predator below.

1. Pick Your Battles


The most important tip we can give you for playing as the Predator is to pick your battles. If you shoot, slash and maim at every available opportunity you will be gunned down, so watch, wait and only attack when you're sure you can get away. This will usually involve sitting in trees, watching the soldiers, waiting for one of them to break from the group, or maybe take a lot of damage from enemy AI. When players are preoccupied with activating objectives or fighting enemies, this is the time to strike. Get in and out fast, do some damage, and then disappear into the jungle.

2. Use the Trees Sparingly


While trees make it a lot easier to move around quickly, don't rely on them too much. Players know to keep an eye on the trees when moving around, so consider donning your cloak and stalking them at ground level instead.

3. Hide When Healing


If you find yourself taking a lot of damage you'll need to flee and heal. Healing is when you're at your most vulnerable, locking you into a 30 second animation where you won't be able to move or attack. Instead of healing immediately, concentrate on escaping. You'll be leaking a very visible blood trail, so keep that in mind, and only heal when you know you are hidden. Also keep in mind that midway through healing you'll let out a loud shout which can be used to track you down.

4. Use the AI Enemies


You can use the AI enemies to your advantage. If the fireteam is trying to be sneaky, fire a laser blast into the fray to stir the enemy. You can also attack in unison with AI soldiers, giving your opponents more targets to shoot at.

5. Run Out the Clock


In our time playing Predator Hunting Grounds we've found that running out the clock is the easiest way to win. To do so, attack the other players and lure them into following you into the jungle. This will draw them away from their objectives. If you've played a few rounds and know where the objectives are likely to be, guard them. Anything you can do to run down the clock is key. Downing enemies is also great for this, as the fireteam will need to head to an additional objective to revive fallen teammates.

6. Know the Map

Jake Green/USG

There are only a few maps on offer in the game's current state, making it easy to learn each one. There are only three or four camp areas in each one, so if you know their locations you can more effectively stalk you prey.

7. Extraction is the Time to Go All Out


If you've failed to take out the fireteam, and have allowed them to call for extraction, go all out. This means attacking with everything you've got, because you don't have much time until they can escape.

8. Level Up as Fast as You Can to Unlock New Gear

Jake Green/USG

A good tip early on is to play as soldiers to get your level up. This is because new Predator gear is unlocked around the level 12 mark, and that can do a lot to improve your odds. Make sure to assign this new gear in the loadout menu.

9. Slam Attack


If you have plenty of power to spare, and are planning an attack on a closely-arranged squad, use your slam attack. From a tree, hole the leap button and leap. On your way down you can hold R2 to charge up a powerful slam that will hit hard once you land. This is a good way to chip away at the fireteam's health, as you can run away after doing it.

10. Target Isolation


You can use target isolation to track down the fireteam. Just activate your IR scanner with down on the d-pad, then hold right on the d-pad. A red circle will appear indicating the general direction of the fireteam, allowing you to go after them.

11. Pick Off Any Stragglers


Something you'll want to be constantly watching out for is when lone players venture off, away from the rest of their team. A single player is absolutely fair game, so go all-out and take them down. You can even use their body to lure the other players in.

12. Feed On Wildlife


Something you may not know is that you can kill and eat the boar creatures roaming the jungle. This is a much faster and quieter method of healing, so if you need a quick top up then go hunt some hogs.

14. Watch Your Crosshairs


The main way you're going to give away your position is via your laser's crosshairs. It's a bright red beam of light, and can be used to pinpoint your exact position. Only fire when ready, and turn it off as soon as you can.

That's how to dominate your opponents as the Predator. For help with playing as a soldier, head here.

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