Previously Switch-Exclusive Mech Romp Daemon X Machina is Coming to Steam Soon

Previously Switch-Exclusive Mech Romp Daemon X Machina is Coming to Steam Soon

I cannot wait to mod this game.

What used to be a Nintendo Switch-exclusive mech action game is now headed to home computers. Daemon X Machina is coming to Steam surprisingly soon with a launch date of Feb. 13, 2020.

The stylish robot brawler will come with all content updates, excluding a few licensed pieces of DLC. Preorders will garner pilots a few extra options for outfitting the Arsenal mechs they pilot in-game, as well as a discount off the otherwise full-price game.

In our hands-on time with the game, Daemon X Machina felt like a spiritual successor to Armored Core. That's a pretty appealing pitch, especially given most of the PC mech game options tend to skew toward the more tabletop-inspired, slow and deliberate mechs. Over-the-top anime mech deserves some spotlight, too.

Although it got a middling response from critics, the port to computers could give Daemon X Machina the kind of boost it needs to really stand out. In my own experience with the demo, I really enjoyed the combat and look of the game, but found its performance hitches and control scheme to be grating. A solid gaming PC could put a lot more power behind the game, and also open the door to some mods. Bless the first dedicated modder to put EVA Unit-01 in this game.

Since launch, Daemon X Machina has seen a number of updates, with developer Marvelous adding options like competitive multiplayer and other forms of extended multiplayer, like more co-op missions and the ability to duel your partners.

You can check out Daemon X Machina's Steam store page here.

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