Prey's PS4 Pro Support Patch Brings in More Issues Than It Fixes

Prey's PS4 Pro Support Patch Brings in More Issues Than It Fixes

Ah, the old swapping input lag for severe frame rate issues gambit.

Prey finally gets the PS4 Pro support it was promised at launch—but at a weighty cost.

As investigated by our friends over at Digital Foundry, the Playstation 4 version of Prey has encountered some pretty lofty issues compared to its PC and Xbox One counterparts. The game bore surprising input lag, which in its most common instance meant when you’d shift the camera around and there’d be a slight hitch in the process. This was in addition to a lack of PS4 Pro support (which was promised) and lengthier load times than usual.

While PS4 Pro support has finally been patched into the game, it’s brought with it even more issues. While the input lag is gone, there is now inherent stuttering with any sort of movement. The frame rate has dipped significantly for the game, fixing one problem and replacing it with another. As Digital Foundry writes, “Choosing between input latency or a visibly poor frame-rate is not a choice we'd like to make and crucially, it's something Xbox One owners don't need to contend with.”

These bugs are only the latest to arise in Prey. Around launch, there was a rare but fatal save game bug that corrupted save files—rendering one's progress stalled. The save file bug spurred controversy after it was factored into the score for IGN's review of the game. The bug was later fixed in a patch shortly after launch.

The frame rate problems aren’t alone. Also included is a new bug of the game’s field of view reducing when popping out of inventory, and staying stuck until the next map loads. This bug has hit the Xbox One version of the game as well as the PS4 edition. On the Bethesda forums, it’s noted that developers are working on a fix for the newfound framerate issues, and other reports of issues.

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