Prey Speedrunner Finishes Game in Under 20 Minutes

Prey Speedrunner Finishes Game in Under 20 Minutes

The world record is set just three days after Prey’s release.

Bethesda and Arkane Studio’s sci-fi thriller Prey has only been out for a couple days, but YouTube speedrunner DraQu has managed to finish the game in a little less than 20 minutes—a far cry from the 12-16 hours completion time most players expected.

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DraQu started posting a series of Prey speedrun videos on his YouTube channel yesterday. Each new video showcases a speedrun that subsequently beats his previous time, culminating in his world record run of 19 minutes and 34 seconds, which he published on his channel today. This comes just days after Prey’s May 5th release date, showcasing just how quickly speedrunners unpacked Arkane Studios’ latest video game. You can see the run above.

While Prey’s design encourages open-world exploration, DraQuAs you can see in the video, DraQu’s run consists of clipping through the game’s boundaries, essentially breezing his way through a bulk of the game wielding nothing more than a wrench and clever use of the game’s glue gun.

DraQu told USgamer that he utilized methods and glitches shared in a speedrunner Discord group. “The first few weeks after a game's release are usually pretty hectic because of the route going through constant changes and refinements, which I personally enjoy[,]” DraQu explained. “In just a few days, Prey went from around an hour to 20 minutes and it'll go even lower as the route gets ironed out,” suggesting that DraQu will attempt to beat his own world record run.

We're currently in the process of reviewing Prey, and we should have a score for you later today. In the meantime, if you're having a hard time finishing Prey as quickly as DraQuAs, check out our walkthrough.

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