Private Crews Removed from Sea of Thieves Less Than a Day After the Option was Added

"Abandon ship! Abandon ship!"

Being a pirate isn't all fun, games, and grog. Sometimes you lose crewmates to shipwrecks, stormy weather, and rival pirates. And, as Sea of Thieves' troubles demonstrate, sometimes you lose them to server issues. Rare turned off the option to form private crews last night due to problems, and it's not been turned back on yet.

Sea of Thieves hit rough waters yesterday mere hours after it finally kicked off the ability to make private bands (referred to in-game as Open / Closed crews). A surge of AllmondBeard errors quickly flooded the game, which forced Rare to perform emergency maintenance. An AllmondBeard error, according to the Sea of Thieves error lexicon, means the player's connection to Xbox Live and / or the Sea of Thieves servers "has been disrupted or lost." A real downer of an error, in other words.

Part of Rare's emergency maintenance for Sea of Thieves involved pulling the new Open / Closed Crews feature (which helped keep players from becoming awkward third wheels in someone else's game), as well as nixing the new ability to hand items to other pirates. Both are offline until further notice. Rare initially intended to let players form private crews some time ago, but it delayed the feature to fix problems that cropped up with the PC version of the game.

The storm clouds will surely clear, though. You can pass the time reading our tips and guides covering everything you need to know about Sea of Thieves.

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