Pro NFL Running Back Le'Veon Bell Competes in Local Smash Bros. Tournament

Pro NFL Running Back Le'Veon Bell Competes in Local Smash Bros. Tournament

And he took some sets, too.

Many people could show up to your area's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament, but very few, statistically, have a professional athlete in attendance. Running back Le'Veon Bell might be done for the season, but that's just more time for him to go show the local scene how his Mega Man squares up. Turns out, pretty well.

Bell, a running back currently signed to a four-year contract with the New York Jets, popped into a weekly Columbus, Ohio tournament to play some Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He posted about it to his Instagram story, showing off a GameCube controller and everything.

Athletes being into video games really isn't anything strange; Blake Martinez, a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, plays Dota 2, and the MLB had a brief Fortnite problem. With consoles like the Nintendo Switch, it's easy to see how pros who spend a good deal of time travelling might pop in for a few rounds of Ultimate while sitting on a bus or plane.

Bell, as it turns out, is no slouch. He reportedly entered the tournament as "Juic326" and managed a 17th place finish, taking sets off a few players. In case you wondered, he mains Mega Man and he's got enough moves to win a game against a fairly strong local player.

If you're out of playoff contention, you might as well go check out the local Smash Bros. scene. Let this serve as a reminder to support your local scene; who knows, you might meet an all-pro running back.

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