Project Resistance Gameplay Trailer Shows How Four Players Fight Against One 'Mastermind'

Project Resistance Gameplay Trailer Shows How Four Players Fight Against One 'Mastermind'

The Mastermind can place enemies, traps, and take direct control of zombies.

Start getting in the Mr. X mindset: The new gameplay trailer for Project Resistance, a multiplayer Resident Evil spin-off, confirms that the game is an asymmetrical versus experience. In the game, the Mastermind player controls the zombies and obstacles that are making life hell for a group of four co-op survivors, and has the ability to take direct control of individual enemies including the series' notorious Tyrant. A closed console beta test in October will let players get an early look at the game.

It looks like the Mastermind holds the keys to Project Resistance's Umbrella facility: they can place monsters and traps, operate camera-mounted turret guns, lock doors, turn off the lights, and take direct control over the zombies and other enemies they place. There are limits on what the Mastermind can place in given rooms, and it appears that they've only got a limited budget to work with—seems there'll be no placing five Lickers right next to the survivors' exit goal.

The trailer also shows off the game's four survivors, each one belonging to a class role with a special ability. Valerie, the support, can heal other characters; Tyrone is the group's tank and takes reduced damage; January, a hacker, can disable the Mastermind's security cameras; Samuel is the "damage" class and can use more effective melee attacks.

Folks at Tokyo Game Show 2019 have had a chance to try Project Resistance, but Capcom's also running a closed beta test of the game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from October 4 to October 7. The instructions for sign up, available here, differ depending on which console you're playing on. Project Resistance doesn't have a release window, but the game will also come to the PC via Steam when it officially launches.

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