New Resident Evil Game Teases Cooperative Survival Horror

New Resident Evil Game Teases Cooperative Survival Horror

Hey Project Resistance, you got your Left 4 Dead in my RE2!

A slick new teaser trailer for upcoming Resident Evil spin-off Project Resistance confirms that the game is a four player cooperative survival horror experience. The trailer also gives glimpses of a character fiddling with levers and sliders that appear to control the undead onslaught directed at the players, suggesting the possibility of an added versus component to the gameplay.

In the trailer, we see four young survivors stalking through what looks like an Umbrella Corp. research lab with melee weapons and guns at the ready. With the flip of a switch, the shadowy antagonist character locks the survivors in a warehouse before flooding the space with dozens of zombies and an added Licker for good measure. In a sequence reminiscent of one of the earliest trailers for Left 4 Dead, the Licker manages to pin one of the survivors before the other three have the chance to rush in and dispatch it. After the wave has been dealt with, the antagonist puts on a pair of high-tech gloves and unlocks the warehouse door to reveal Mr. X, looking extra-evil with red irises indicating he's being remote controlled.

First teased with just a name late last month, Project Resistance will be demoed on-stage and hands-on for pre-registered attendees at Tokyo Games Show 2019 later this week. The game's first TGS stage demo is scheduled for Thursday, September 12 at 12:30pm JST. So far, Capcom has not announced a release window for the game, which is headed to the Xbox One, PS4, and PC via Steam. A stage demo should give us a better idea of how much Project Resistance borrows from this year's remake of RE2, how closely it hews to past Resident Evil multiplayer experiences, and whether the game is taking notes from the likes of Left 4 Dead and Vermintide.

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