Prove Your Skills in the Quake Champions Large-Scale Test

Prove Your Skills in the Quake Champions Large-Scale Test

Stream the open beta, show off your skills, play some Quake Champions.

If you missed out on the Quake Champions beta a few weeks ago, you're in luck! Bethesda is opening up the beta to everyone who wants to join in on a massive "Tech Test". For 9 straight days players can have 24/7 access to the Quake Champions beta, no holds barred

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Quake Champions Is A Wonderful Callback To A Great Era of Shooters

Quake Champions Beta

Starting on May 12 and running through May 21st, Bethesda will be holding what appears to be a stress test for their upcoming shooter. The publisher is allowing players to join in on the now open beta while also doing away with some of the previous beta restrictions. For instance, beta keys will be given freely, and the tests will run all day doing away with the weekend only openings of the closed beta.

In addition, beta players will also have access to the new "Sacrifice Mode" which is apparently a 4v4 team-based battle mode. This makes sense given that Quake Champions is being positioned by id Software as a player in the ever-growing esports scene, competing with games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch. While it's unclear at this point whether or not Quake Champions can compete with the two esport juggernauts, the Quake name holds a lot of sway over players who remember the arena shooter.

Perhaps most interesting is the lifting of the player NDA. This means beta testers can now stream, discuss, and capture their Quake Champion plays, possibly generating even more attention for the game leading up to a proper launch.

USgamer played the beta and called Quake Champions a "A wonderful callback to a great era of shooters" praising its combat but noting the similarities the game has to Overwatch's loot system.

Keep an eye out on May 12 when the Quake Champions beta opens up for any and all who wants to give the new team shooter a try.

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