PS2 is Finally Dead, 18 Years After Release

PS2 is Finally Dead, 18 Years After Release

Goodnight, sweet prince.

When PS2 went out of production in 2012, Sony Japan continued to offer repairs to those who needed it. Very soon though, Sony is planning to discontinue its PS2 aftercare service in Japan, meaning that after 18 years, PS2 is finally dead.

The news comes via a press release translated by Kotaku, which asked PS2 users in Japan to fill in an online form. The form would order one final repair on PS2 consoles, before the aftercare service is discontinued on September 7.

PlayStation 2s that make it to the PlayStation Clinic service center in Iwate Prefecture before the deadline will be given one last touch up, after which official PS2 repairs by Sony will not be available. The Sony Japan aftercare service has been the last vestige of life for PS2, so its closing truly marks the death of the console.

PlayStation 2 launched March 4, 2000 in Japan, and is the best-selling console of all time. Its popularity in the West was bolstered by its DVD functionality, a Trojan Horse of sorts that earned it pride and place as the all-in-one entertainment box for households everywhere.

So with Sony Japan finally pulling the plug on this remarkable piece of tech, we urge you to listen to this glorious piece of intro music, one last time:

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