PS4 Firmware 5.55 Update Has Large File Size, Sparse Update Notes

Is the PlayStation 4's latest firmware update pregnant with a secret?

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A firmware update for the PlayStation 4 (5.55) is out in the UK and Europe, which means the North American update will follow soon. Interestingly, the update is quite hefty at 460.1 MB, but the patch notes don't reveal much beyond "This system software update improves system performance."

Well, "improves system performance" covers a wide swath of territory, doesn't it? Given the file size, it's possible the update put some things in place that Sony's not prepared to talk about yet. Think of 5.55 as a gestating alien egg that needs to incubate undisturbed until the time is just right to pop up and launch at your face. Say, E3 2018. Yeah, that sounds like a good time to get your face gnawed off by an otherworldly parasite.

Pictured: PlayStation 4 5.55 firmware update (Writer's rendition. Not official).

The PS4's last substantial firmware update was 5.50, released in March. The new features it brought with it include the ability to restrict playtime (much to the dismay of Fortnite-loving kids everywhere, I assume), and several UI improvements. 5.50 also brought supersampling to PlayStation 4 Pro owners, who were glad to receive the feature through the PS4 Pro's hardware. Until 5.50 went live, developers applied supersampling options to PS4 titles on a game-by-game basis.

Hardware updates are always good news, but this generation is showing signs of winding down, and people are getting a little restless. We already have everything you need to know about the PS5, including all the rumors and speculation available to date.

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