PS4 Hidden Trophies Have Secretly Been Visible All Along

PS4 Hidden Trophies Have Secretly Been Visible All Along

The real magic was inside you this whole time. And inside your PlayStation 4.

Here's a cool fact you can use to impress your friends. If you select a "hidden trophy" on your PlayStation 4, you can see what the trophy is if you press square. And while I'm sure at least half of you reading this story are rolling your eyes and snorting "I know that," rest assured a lot of people don't.

Earlier this morning, the official PlayStation U.K. Twitter account posted a screencap of Reddit user "RockyBalbubba" making the surprise discovery. "We don't know who needs to hear this," shrugs the tweet. Judging by the deluge of surprised reaction GIFs in the replies, however, it seems many PlayStation 4 owners had no idea.

"I've got 159 Platinum [Trophies] and I never knew this," tweets "Psyware."

"Go forth with this new knowledge and get another 159," PlayStation U.K. responds.

Now, this Trophy reveal trick hasn't been available on the PlayStation 4 since day one. It was added to the 4.0 system update in 2016—about three years after the system's launch. The PlayStation U.K. account wonders aloud if anyone actually reads the system update notes. Er, yeah. Yeah! Totally!

The thread relays a few more tricks you might not know. You can double-tap the PlayStation 4's home button to swap between the last two screens you were on. (Which, as Redditor "srbman" points out, is useful if you're chatting with people while playing.) You can also turn on an option to zoom in on the screen if you press the home button and square at the same time. This is good information for anyone who benefits from larger text, etc.

Modern game systems sure are a marvel. When I was young, we just plugged a cartridge into an NES and prayed "Please don't give me a blinking screen" to whichever deity was listening.

Header image source: PlayStationTrophies

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