PS4 "Pro" Controller Costs an Eye-Watering $200

The controller's price won't deter professional gamers, but its button layout might.

Buying an extra controller for the PlayStation 4 isn't a cheap purchase on the best days, but if you're a pro gamer, you can expect a specialized controller to cost as much as the console itself. That's why the licensed SCUF Vantage performance controller is turning heads for its controversial button layout more than its price.

The Vantage, which is coming in Summer 2018, runs $199.95 USD for a wireless (Bluetooth) / wired (USB) option, and $169.95 USD for a wired-only (USB) option. The controller contains a plethora of additional buttons that don't exist on a vanilla PS4 controller. It also features lots of removable / re-mappable features and buttons that make it easy for players to customize the Vantage to their liking.

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For the most part, anyway. While the Vantage is engineered to "shorten hand movements and gain performance advantages," critics took to the PlayStation Blog post about the device to point out the controller's button mapping apes the layout for an Xbox One controller. Whereas the PS4's controller places both of its analogue sticks at an even level underneath the d-pad (left stick) and the face buttons (right stick), the Xbox One—and the Vantage for the PS4—put the right analogue stick above the d-pad, and the left analogue stick under the face buttons.

Even sometimes-gamers notice a big difference between the PS4 and Xbox One controllers. Your preference between the two is a matter of personal taste (bury me with the DualShock 4), but if you use a PS4 controller to game on a professional level, it's understandable why the switch to an Xbox One layout—even on a controller built especially for professionals—might be jarring.

If you're open-minded about controllers and their button layouts, you can visit Scufgaming to pre-order your very own Vantage.

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