PS4 Pro Players Might Have a Gameplay Advantage in H1Z1

It's all about the frame rates.

H1Z1 is currently in open beta on the PS4 and Daybreak Games is working hard to deliver a bespoke, console battle royale experience. Daybreak is promising 60fps performance on the PS4 platforms, but only the PS4 Pro consistently hits that target. And that might make it so that gameplay is more advantageous for players using the Pro console.

According to a breakdown by Digital Foundry, H1Z1 runs pretty well on the PS4 consoles thanks in part to the way the PC version of the game was stripped back and streamlined for consoles. The intent is to have the game run at 60fps, but only the Pro hits the 50-60fps window while the standard PS4 runs at 40-50fps.

This leads to what Digital Foundry says is, "cleaner, crisper response from the controls and a clear advantage for owners of the enhanced hardware." And during combat, base PS4 players feel more of that fps dip making the game less responsive during crucial moments. Which means that PS4 Pro owners, who don't face as many disadvantages during these survival moments, stand to gain an advantage.

Digital Foundry notes that the fps dips are the only real gameplay differentials between the two consoles as graphical pop-ins, which also vary from the standard and Pro models, don't seem to impact the game all that much.

But it's clear that the fps dips do have some sway on the gameplay of H1Z1. And since PS4 and PS4 Pro players play together on the same network, there's a chance that your next death could be at the hands of someone with a better framerate than yours.

For more on H1Z1 check out our full H1Z1 guide on how to get started in the latest battle royale game to enter the fray.

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