PS4 Slim: A Smaller, Cheaper PlayStation 4 is Incoming

PS4 Slim: A Smaller, Cheaper PlayStation 4 is Incoming

Sony isn't just launching the PS4 Neo, it's also replacing the original model.

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Sony is looking to announce a new model of the PlayStation 4 alongside the upcoming PlayStation 4 Neo. Analysts pointed to a cheaper model, aimed at more mainstream consumers. The WSJ also reported that Sony has cut production of the original PlayStation 4, with existing models beginning to run out of stock in many retailers. Sony has the PlayStation Meeting planned for September 7 in New York, but the assumption was that the press event was for the Neo alone.

PS4 Slim picture via Eurogamer.

This news was followed by a number of online leaks of the new, slimmer PlayStation 4. Most of these images were collected over on NeoGAF, showing a slightly smaller PS4 in matte plastic. Many assumed that the pictures were an elaborate Photoshop.

That was until today, when Eurogamer visited one of the owners of the leaked PlayStation 4 Slim. In a set of photos and a video (since removed), Eurogamer showed off the remodeled system, even booting it up to confirm that it wasn't an elaborate fake.

Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda told the Wall Street Journal that he believes the remodeled PlayStation 4, the Neo, and the PlayStation VR are a big push to accelerate sales in the gaming hardware division of Sony. The company is looking to expand one of its best-performing divisions to a wider audience. In its annual report for last year, Sony forecasted sales of 20 million PlayStation 4 system by the end of this fiscal year on March 2017.

We don't know the price points for the hardware yet, but we can paint a potential picture. A slim PS4 at $299, the hot rod Neo model at the launch price of $399, plus the first virtual reality push at mainstream consumers with PlayStation VR. That's all speculation, but it sounds like the recipe for a solid holiday for Sony and the PlayStation division. If only there's was a Vita 2 to fit in the Trinity slot alongside Morpheus (PlayStation VR) and Neo.

Header image via Eurogamer. Thumbnail image via Twitter.

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