PS5 Pre-Orders Are Starting Soon… If You Want a Console Covered in Gold

PS5 Pre-Orders Are Starting Soon… If You Want a Console Covered in Gold

A PlayStation fit for Midas will set you back about $10,000.

The team at Truly Exquisite, a "luxury electronic customizing brand," must be pulling our legs. The products they offer are real, no doubt, but with pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 still pending and no word from Sony on how much they'll cost, it's a laugh to see Truly Exquisite announce that it's opening up pre-orders for PS5 consoles and PS5 accessories with gold and platinum finishes later this week.

On Thursday, September 10 you will be able to place a pre-order for a PS5 through Truly Exquisite, but it'll set you back about 8,000 British pounds, or around $10,000. The company, which also sells gold-plated smartphones and sneakers covered in Swarovski crystals, is gearing up to manufacture 250 pieces for each model (all-digital or with a disc drive) and finish (24k gold, 18k rose gold, and platinum). Each console comes with two DualSense controllers and a Pulse headset, all adorned with the same finish.

Between today's reveal of the Xbox Series S, reports that the PS5 costs "around $450" to make, and these eye watering price tags for custom luxury versions, it seems safe to say a regular PS5 will cost somewhere between $299 and several thousand dollars.

Really, though, we shouldn't even read anything into the listed price differences (100 pounds) between the digital and disc versions of these luxury PS5 units. Truly Exquisite doesn't claim affiliation with Sony and isn't an authorized reseller, meaning it probably has little to no special insight as to what the regular consoles will actually cost. There's also no date listing for when these would ship, but you can bet it'll be well after the PS5 launch.

There's also the possibility that we'll be able to place normal pre-orders for Sony's new consoles before these luxe listings even go live. There's talk of a PS5 announcement scheduled for tomorrow, September 9, and Sony has said that there will be advance notice for PS5 pre-orders going live. Two weeks ago, registration for pre-orders was opened up to PlayStation Network subscribers—if that's Sony's notice, then a price reveal and open season on orders could be imminent.

At this point, Sony could still get out ahead of Microsoft on confirming the PS5's pricing and launch date. Yesterday's Thurrott report that led to Microsoft's sparse reveal of the Xbox Series S also claimed a November 10 Xbox release date and Windows Central reports $499.99 pricing for the Series X.

Thanks, Wario64.

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