PS5 Will Feature an Overhauled User Interface, According to Deleted Sony Posts

PS5 Will Feature an Overhauled User Interface, According to Deleted Sony Posts

There's been no pixel left untouched in the generational leap.

Last week, we got a glimpse at what the two different editions of the PlayStation 5 will look like, both with and without a disc drive. In a recent LinkedIn thread, we also got an idea of what the interface will look like, and what's changing from this generation to the next.

A series of LinkedIn posts from Sony VP of UX Design at PlayStation Matt MacLaurin have since been deleted, but the information in them (via The Verge) contain some interesting tidbits about the PS5's interface. MacLaurin wrote that the PS5 user interface is "a 100 percent overhaul of the PS4 UI" and will have some very different new concepts.

"As it's UI it's practical first, but it's a whole new visual language and a complete rearchitecting of the user interface," says MacLaurin. He also says that the new PS5 OS is "more subtle than flashy, but no pixel is untouched."

Microsoft, meanwhile, is reportedly sticking to the same general Xbox One dashboard layout for the Xbox Series X. It fits with both company's visions moving forward: Sony has been adamant about believing in generational leaps, while Xbox has been trying to keep an ecosystem that bridges generations and platforms.

We did get a glimpse at some PS5 interface, specifically the boot screen, during last week's PlayStation 5 showcase stream. However, seeing more of what Sony has in store will be interesting, once they're ready to unveil it to the world. A console can look nice, but a good UI can make a big difference in how useable it is when actually playing it.

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