Why Rumors of a PS5 Price Reveal Had Speculation Running Wild

Why Rumors of a PS5 Price Reveal Had Speculation Running Wild

A case of speculation and strange timing.

Yesterday, many fans and some in the games industry waited with baited breath for an announcement of the PlayStation 5's price. Hour after hour went by in the day, with hope for news decreasing, until eventually July 13 passed without a price reveal for the PS5. Which begs the question: what actually happened?

On Sunday, July 12, a single industry analyst claimed that Sony would reveal the PS5 price and release date on July 13. This was picked up on by PlayStation Universe, which was then picked up on by Forbes, and so on. You get the idea: one tweet snowballed into multiple articles, with the vast PlayStation fanbase amped up for Sony to make an announcement that was never confirmed.

You can probably imagine how consumers reacted come July 13. PlayStation's Twitter account was bombarbed with replies to completely unrelated tweets all through the day. "Not the tweet we all wanted," read a reply to the PlayStation Blog's hands-on experience with Assassin's Creed Valhalla. "Just start pre-order already," read another response underneath a tweet about Overwatch's map soundtrack.

The Assassin's Creed Valhalla tweet has a fairly staggering 433 replies (at the time of writing), most of which are people clamouring for a PS5 price reveal. There were amped-up fans filling the comments section everywhere you looked on PlayStation-related social media: from a PlayStation Europe tweet about Ghostwire: Tokyo, to a Destiny 2 weapon reveal video on the official PlayStation YouTube channel.

The anticipation probably wasn't helped by a fancy Amazon page for the PlayStation 5 that just happened to go live yesterday. It's a pretty snazzy product page that shows the two models of the PlayStation 5 (one with a disc drive and one without), as well as a breakdown of accessories like the DualSense 5 controller, new Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, and more.

The top of Amazon's new PS5 homepage. | Amazon

The Amazon homepage for the PS5 going live yesterday was a case of incredibly bad (if slightly comical) timing. Couple together the rumors of a release date and price for the console with Amazon's new page going live, and you've got everything you need for runaway speculation and anticipation from hordes of consumers on Twitter and elsewhere.

But in the end, of course, there was no price reveal or release date announcement for the PlayStation 5. July 13 came and went, a relatively uneventful day all in all (if you're focusing solely on the video game industry and not the general state of the world), and we're left to wonder about a potential PS5 release date and price tag for a little while longer.

While this PS5 information was purely speculative, there's absolute certainty for the Xbox Series X next week. Microsoft will be showcasing multiple first-party Xbox Series X titles on July 23, including Halo Infinite in particular.

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