PSA: Destiny 2's Warmind Expansion Recommends a Power Level of 310 For its First Campaign Mission

If you didn't play Curse of Osiris, plan to grind a little bit before you experience the second expansion's story.

Today's a big day for Destiny 2 fans. The game's second expansion Warmind dropped alongside season 3 of the game. And with both additions, a healthy amount of content and other tweaks have been added to the game. But before you dive into the new story campaign for Warmind, you might want to check your Power Level first.

The first story mission for Destiny 2: Warmind, called "Ice and Shadow," has a recommended Power Level of 310 before players hop into the new story mode. Considering the last expansion increased the Power Level cap from 305 to 335, that insinuates that you played at least a teensy bit of Destiny 2's last expansion Curse of Osiris, even though it's not "required" to play the second expansion. Warmind also lifts the overall Power Level cap all the way up to 380, and raises character leveling up from 25 to 30. Although with the greatly increased Power Level cap, it'll be relatively easy to grind quickly to 310 after picking up Warmind if you find yourself still at the vanilla game's 300-305 cap.

Is there life on Mars?

Destiny 2: Warmind takes players to the sorta-new planet of Mars, which may be actually familiar if you've hopped into the game's PvP Crucible mode before (though the Mars-based map Retribution remains a PlayStation 4 exclusive), or played the original Destiny. We're still in the opening hours of the expansion, but already the planet seems to be more expansive than the small planet of Mercury introduced in Curse of Osiris. Stay tuned all week long as we stay plugged into the new expansion.

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