PSA: Fallout 76's First Beta Session Is Now Live on Xbox One

PSA: Fallout 76's First Beta Session Is Now Live on Xbox One

PS4 and PC coming next week.

It's time y'all. Strap on that power armor, exit those fallout shelters, gather your favorite online squad buddies, because Fallout 76's beta is officially live. The beta (stylized for Fallout 76 as B.E.T.A.) kicks off today on Xbox One. A beta will also be available for PS4 and PC starting on October 30, also with session times. Its first test server run is taking place today from 4pm PT / 7pm ET to 8pm PT / 11pm ET.

The Fallout 76 beta isn't like most big tests for games. It'll contain the whole game, letting players roam freely in it (and carry their progress over in the full release). The catch is that it's not timed for a few 24-hour days: it's only available in brief playable sessions. Ahead of the beta, Bethesda also cautioned fans about the inevitable bugs in it. In the coming days, other sessions aside from today's will be announced via Bethesda's social media channels, according to a tweet from earlier today. So if you miss out on this session, don't give up hope.

Earlier this month, we also went hands-on with the multiplayer RPG, and played it both solo and with other players griefing us along the way. Of course, we're all prepped for the beta, and you can look forward to our coverage on it all week long. Fallout 76 officially launches on November 14, 2018 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

If you're after all the Fallout 76 goodness you can handle, we've got plenty of Fallout 76 guides for you. Consult our Fallout 76 Atoms Guide to find out if Fallout 76 has microtransactions, find out about Fallout 76 Factions, take a look at all the Fallout 76 Perks, and discover how Fallout 76 Nukes work. We've also got a detailed guide on Fallout 76 Base Building and settlements, a page on Fallout 76's Best Weapons, and Fallout 76 Mutations

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