PSA: Wait to Open Those Means Streets of Gadgetzan Packs [Updated]

PSA: Wait to Open Those Means Streets of Gadgetzan Packs [Updated]

Blizzard is looking into a potential bug with the new Hearthstone expansion.

Update: Blizzard has rolled out a hotfix for the packs, so you should be able to open them now.

The latest Hearthstone expansion is now live in North America, and those who preordered are probably ready to start ripping packs. But you may want to wait a bit before you do.

In the wake of the launch of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, players reported that they were getting a higher number of the new Faction Cards than expected. Blizzard later confirmed in a tweet that they were aware of the report and were looking into it:

The new Faction Cards are interesting because they are exclusive to three classes instead of just one, opening up some unique deckbuilding opportunities. Nevertheless, players opening packs are much more interested in acquiring hard-to-get Legendary cards, which cost some 1600 dust to craft. In that light, it might be best to wait to start opening packs so that you can have a higher chance to snagging the coveted Elite and Legendary cards.

Means Streets of Gadgetzan is Hearthstone's last expansion of the year, bringing with it 132 new cards centered around three families: The Grimy Goons, the Kabal, and the Jade Lotus. These three factions all have affiliated classes and exclusive cards, which break down as such:

  • Grimy Goons: Hunter, Paladin, Warrior
  • Kabal: Mage, Priest, Warlock
  • Jade Lotus: Druid, Rogue, Shaman

Hardcore players are particularly excited for cards like Drakonid Operative, which looks to give Priest a nice boost after a poor run in 2016. Jade Idol likewise offers the opportunity to trade 1 mana for an 8/8 Jade Golem, which is truly a terrifying prospect if you're face a Jade Lotus faction. Oh, and Shaman, one of the strongest classes in the game, gets access to it. Lovely.

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is the last expansion in the Standard metagame supporting League of Explorers, Blackrock Mountain, and The Grand Tournament. When Blizzard's next expansion launches, those three sets will be retired, and Hearthstone's metagame will undergo a radical shift. So be careful about investing too heavily in the current metagame. And be doubly careful about opening your decks until Blizzard resolves their current bugs.

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