PSP Fans Rejoice! The Switch is Getting a Lumines Remaster (Along With the PC and Other Consoles)

PSP Fans Rejoice! The Switch is Getting a Lumines Remaster (Along With the PC and Other Consoles)

Lumines Remastered headlined Nintendo's Spring 2018 Nindies Showcase. Here's what else showed up.

Nintendo's 2018 Spring Nindies showcase has come and gone, and the 10-minute presentation was tightly-packed with independent games you should (mostly) expect to see by Summer. We received status updates on some titles, but also enjoyed a few nice surprises.

The coolest surprise is Lumines Remastered, which is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Lumines Remastered is an update of the incredible music- and- light-based puzzle game by Rez's Tetsuya Mizuguchi. The Nintendo Switch version also utilizes HD rumble. Look for it this Spring (psst—it's coming to the PlayStation 4, too. Also, Xbox One and Steam).

The Banner Saga saga is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Another big surprise: Banner Saga 1, 2, and 3 are all coming to the Switch. Banner Saga 3, the conclusion to the popular (and very pretty) Viking strategy series, arrives this Summer, whereas Banner Saga 1 and 2 are coming "soon."

Here's a round-up of everything else Nintendo paraded out:

Mark of the Ninja Remastered
A remaster of Klei's stealth-action game is coming this fall.

Fantasy Strike
A pretty fighting game that makes liberal use of magical powers like fire-bending and time control. It's by Sirlin Games, and it's coming this Summer.

All we are are shapes and beats in the wind.

Just Shapes and Beats
Isn't that life, though? Just shapes and beats? Yeah. It's also a chiptune-based rhythm game from Berzerk Studio with bullet hell elements. It looks like a trip, and it's coming this Summer.

Inspired by B-horror movies, Tinybuild Studios' top-down shooter pits you against hordes of monsters and zombies. Supposedly it takes place in the Underworld, but it's not as if the average suburban garage is too far removed from a chamber in Hell. Coming in Spring.

Pool Panic
Well, this is a new one, even from the likes of Adult Swim Games: Pool Panic casts you as a cue ball who's engaged in a 100-level game of pool. There are a host of different environments, and every character is an anthropomorphized pool ball or accessory. Bizarre. Coming later this year.

Bomb Chicken
You can't afford to be chicken in Nitrome's upcoming Bomb Chicken, in which you're a chicken who lays problem-solving bombs. Use explosives to clear paths. Use explosives to reach high places. Nitrome made some of the best mobile games on the market, so I'm glad to see the studio make the jump to Switch.

No tears, either.

Reigns: Kings & Queens
Reigns, a role-playing card game from Nerial and Devolver Digital, casts you as a monarch who's forced to make an endless array of difficult choices. The game and its expansion were a huge hit on mobile, and now the whole shebang is coming to the Nintendo Switch this Spring.

Light Fall
If you gobbled up Celeste earlier this year, you're definitely going to want to give this hardcore platformer from Bishop Games a try. You need to make tricky jumps and maneuvers using a magical, portable box called the Shadow Core, and if you're a speedrunner who wants to impress your friends, you need to do it as quickly as possible. Light Fall is out this Spring.

West of Loathing
As you might expect from an RPG that has the chutzpah to present itself as a series of stick-figures and squiggles, West of Loathing from Asymetric lays the humor on pretty thick. There's still tons of traditional RPG goodness, like turn-based battles, puzzles, and quests. Coming to Switch as a timed exclusive this Spring.

The "E" is silent.

Pode from Henchman & Goon is a co-op puzzle game with unique visuals inspired by Norwegian art and culture. You can play by yourself, too! Coming this Spring.

The Messenger
Sabotage and Devolver Digital are working together on this retro 2D platformer that shifts from 8-bit graphics to 16-bit graphics to indicate time-shifts. Cool! You also find new upgrades, new items, and tough challenges as you play. Coming this Summer.

Bad North
Finally, here's an isometric roguelike real-time strategy game from Plausible Concept and Raw Fury. You have to build up your defenses, arm your troops, and protect your citizens against encroaching danger. Give it your best shot this Summer.

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