P.T. Camera Hack Reveals Lisa Was Always Behind You, Even Right Now

P.T. Camera Hack Reveals Lisa Was Always Behind You, Even Right Now

Don't look, though.

P.T. was a standalone teaser that nonetheless became a horror game classic in its own right. And while we all lament what could have been, a new discovery from a camera-hacking player shows that it can still deliver the chills, years later.

Posted to Twitter, it can feel like Lisa-P.T.'s ambient specter-is right behind you. Turns out, as Lance McDonald found, that's actually pretty true. By forcibly turning the camera to see what is behind the player, you can see Lisa directly behind you.

This is great, because I've found that sleep and a sense of security is overrated nowadays. In a second update from McDonald, you can see the shadow of Lisa as you pass by certain lights in the first hallway. He then drops the camera out from the player perspective, to show what it looks like as Lisa haunts the player perspective up and down the hallway.

Thanks, I hate it. But it's good to know that years later, P.T. still has surprises. For a game that's been remade dozens of times over at this point, the "playable teaser" has lived on in infamy. This is in no small part due to Konami's insistence on removing the game, quickly elevating it to cult status. We may never get Silent Hills, but even just P.T. alone feels like the perfect project that keeps on giving.

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