P.T. Gets Its Eeriest Remake Yet: A HyperCard Version

P.T. Gets Its Eeriest Remake Yet: A HyperCard Version

Still not thrilled about seeing the baby in the sink.

P.T. probably would've gone on to inspire numerous remakes and imitators even if it was still easy to play, but after the cancellation of Silent Hills and its delisting, it's taken on an almost legendary status with some fans and designers. While there have been a few attempts to recreate P.T. as faithfully as possible, Ryan Trawick's Hyper P.T. does not. Instead, it brings the short, looping nightmare to HyperCard, the foundational interactive media tool for Macs.

You won't need an old Mac in order to play Trawick's take on P.T., as it's available for Windows, Linux, and Mac at itch.io. Like HyperCard games of old, including the Cyan adventures that preceded 1993's Myst, Hyper P.T. is very stripped down. All you need to do is click in an area to advance or interact, at which point Hyper P.T. will shuffle to the next card or scene.

Trawick's done a splendid job remaking the short, looping hallway from P.T. in the stark black-and-white pixels of classic, two-color HyperCard creations. Bright whites and dithering didn't hurt the gloom and doom of Lucas Pop's Return of the Obra Dinn, and it plays well here, too. But who knows, maybe this is actually mimicking HyperCard 2.0 and it'll bathe the hallway with colored light as you try to complete it.

"Some stuff is stripped back, some stuff is added," Trawick writes. "You'll just have to play to find out."

If this not-so-faithful P.T. remake gets you excited to take more dips into HyperCard experiences, it's actually one of several titles created for this month's Merveilles Hyperjam event, which has an itch.io page of submissions here.

While we'll probably never get a proper P.T. re-release or live to see Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro reunite for Silent Hills—Kojima's bridge to his former publisher Konami may never be rebuilt—it's hopefully not the end for the Silent Hill series. Konami recently denied rumors regarding a revival of the Silent Hills project, but said it is not "completely closing the door on the franchise."

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