New Unreal Engine P.T. on PC is Most Complete Silent Hills Remake Attempt to Date

New Unreal Engine P.T. on PC is Most Complete Silent Hills Remake Attempt to Date

A fully faithful port.

A 17-year-old game developer who goes by Qimsar has just released an early playtest version of a full P.T. port for PC using Unreal Engine 4. The port is a faithful recreation of Konami's removed Silent Hills playable teaser directed by Hideo Kojima. It's so popular that the r/SilentHill Reddit mod team are keeping the link to the game up even if it's against the rules to do so.

"Okay so this is probably against the rules, but at this point, who cares?" writes MarcellusDrum, a mod on the Silent Hill subreddit.

A screenshot from the P.T. Unreal Engine 4 remake.

P.T., or Playable Teaser, was a free PS4 demo released in 2014 by Konami and a mysterious 7780s Studio. The unknown studio turned out to be a front for developer Hideo Kojima, who alongside filmmaker Guillermo del Toro created a short game meant to tease a joint Silent Hill game called Silent Hills starring "The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus. Silent Hills was unfortunately canceled after Kojima left Konami. The three creators are currently working on Death Stranding for PS4.

The P.T. PC port is currently in v0.9, which according to its developer uses "almost 100% of the original assets" but recommends players who download the port to do so for playtesting as it hasn't been properly debugged. The demo also doesn't have any animations, a few missing textures, and there's no save feature just yet. But if you're willing to help get this port finished, the developer is looking for animators to help him complete the P.T. remake. The game is available on GameJolt.

The 17-year-old Qimsar also revealed his prior experience with game development, which isn't a whole lot. "I've only had 6 hours of experience with the Unreal Engine (about 1 hour on GameMaker, and about a staggering 35 or so hours on Unity, 4 hours on CryEngine, and that's all of my experience with video game development) and this is my first game," they said.

There have been many previous attempts at remaking P.T. but as Qimsar many were left unfinished. For example there was a P.T. remake made on Unity back in 2015, but that project fizzled out. Qimsar's Unreal remake is by far the most complete P.T. project to date.

You can check out the download for the PT port over at reddit here. Also check out our Death Stranding guide in case Kojima is secretly making a PT sequel inside Death Stranding as some internet conspirators believe.

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