Ridiculously Accurate P.T. Fan Remake for PC Also Has VR Support

Remember P.T.? It's back... in VR.

Yet another PC remake for Hideo Kojima's masterful horror demo P.T. has made its way to the internet. Not only does this one includes VR support, but early impressions indicate it's one of the most accurate recreations of the unavailable PS4 version.

Developer RadiusGordello released their aptly titled Unreal P.T. late last night. For the past 10 months the developer has been busy recreating Konami's 2014 playable demo in Unreal Engine. The developer notes that they did their best recreating most of the game from scratch, but certain iconic assets like Lisa, Norman, the "baby," as well as audio and photograph assets were taken from the original P.T.

Other than a few details here and there, Unreal P.T. appears to be a close, 1:1 remake of the original. Even certain easter eggs are present in the project. On the r/SilentHill subreddit the developer writes, "Everything's there short of the final cutscene. Biggest two differences are I changed the final loop slightly to make it more consistent to beat, and Lisa doesn't jump scare you in the bathroom because I didn't have enough time to make the animation."

P.T. was originally released on PS4 back in 2014. Billed as a new horror game from 7780s Studio, it was instead a stealth playable trailer for a Silent Hill game developed by Hideo Kojima and film director Guillermo del Toro, starring actor Norman Reedus. Kojima left Konami the following year and the planned Silent Hills game was cancelled. While Kojima is off hanging out with del Toro and Reedus on the set of his new game Death Stranding, Konami went ahead and delisted the P.T. demo from the PlayStation Store.

There have been a handful of other P.T. fan projects in the past. One of the more famous fan remakes of P.T. was released in 2018 by Simon "Qimsar" Cromwell, who after the release of their game was contacted by Konami to remove it. But Cromwell was also offered an internship at Konami for their efforts, so all's well that ends well.

Speaking of which, it's probably a good idea to download this remake early if you're so inclined.

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