PUBG Corporation Talks About Expansion, and Why a PUBG Movie Probably Isn't Coming Soon

PUBG Corporation Talks About Expansion, and Why a PUBG Movie Probably Isn't Coming Soon

PUBG is growing up and out, but don't expect it to hit the silver screen anytime soon.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a healthy, growing child (or something), and PUBG Corporation is expanding to meet the game's needs. Next up: A new office in Amsterdam, followed by "aggressive hiring."

PUBG Corp CEO Chang Han Kim spoke to about PUBG's future development in an interview published earlier today. Some topics covered include the new Amsterdam office (which is opening next month), opening even more offices around the world, the challenge of finding developers who can keep up with PUBG's breakneck pace, and why we probably won't see a PUBG movie even though there are plans to expand the game's media presence.

Respect Your Roots™.

Kim believes (probably correctly) that the randomness and perpetual tension of a typical PUBG match wouldn't translate well to film. PUBG's lack of a central narrative and character would definitely make a movie a difficult undertaking; we talked about as much on the USgamer podcast.

"So the phrase 'media franchise' isn't something I used myself," Kim says. "It was the [journalist], but I didn't think it was completely wrong so I didn't correct him. I was speaking about the long-term vision I had.

"If you look at our community of players, the fans are already creating short films and cartoons and uploading them to the internet. We already see that, so those are the possibilities we want to explore. That's what I meant when I said that stuff initially."

And, I mean—Battle Royale kind of did things right the first time, you know?

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