PUBG Creator Brendan Greene: "Region Locking Just Doesn't Work"

Cheating's an epidemic in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but the team are working fast to try and stop it.

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Ever since PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) launched nearly a year ago, an epidemic of cheating has plagued it. The PUBG Corp. team has moved alongside it too, combatting cheaters at every turn by adding reporting features to the game, including its semi-recently implemented kill cams and replay features. Reporting in those avenues makes it so that when players discover they are mysteriously sniped through a glitched-out wall, they can point the wrongdoing player in PUBG Corp.'s stern direction.

In January 2018 alone, PUBG Corp. banned one million players for cheating. In the day to day though, PUBG Corp. is remaining tight-lipped on the specifics of their anti-cheating counter measurements. "We don't talk too in-depth about what we're actually doing to combat cheating because it just gives the cheaters a leg up," PUBG Creative Director Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene tells me during this year's Game Developer's Conference. "We have anti-cheating testing internally and we're working to build systems to really get a handle on the guys that don't want to play fair. You know, it's an ongoing battle. It will continue long into the future, I'm sure. But I'm seeing some promising results internally and over the next few months I really hope we're going to get a better handle on it."

Recently, there were whispers of PUBG potentially exploring region locking servers to amend "poor matchmaking" like cheating, what some players have noted is a potentially xenophobic solution. Greene and PUBG Corp. CEO Chang Han Kim deny region locking to be in the works.

"I mean everyone that [suggests] region locking [is forgetting about] VPN. It just doesn't work," says Greene. "We just implemented ping-based matchmaking which really has improved the gameplay experience for a lot of players. It's working out quite well and we're still doing research. We have the data team looking into it and trying to improve it. And that's the goal with the game, to keep improving it over this year and the next year and the next ten years."

PUBG recently unveiled a roadmap of future improvements on the game for the rest of the year, though with no concrete dates to give the team flexibility in their future more frequent updates. Greene himself will be giving a talk about the runaway success of PUBG on Friday at GDC 2018 at 10 a.m. PDT. In addition, PUBG Community Manager Sammie Kang is giving a separate talk on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. PDT about how the game's community bloomed from Early Access to the over-20 million that play today.

Stay tuned for more GDC news all week long. Also, if you find yourself stuck in a PUBG rut, our PUBG guides may help you out.

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  • Avatar for 22jpaull-casdedu-org #1 22jpaull-casdedu-org 6 months ago
    When will pubg and fortnite be on mobile!PLEASE MAKE THEM ON MOBILE SOON!!!!
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  • Avatar for johnkryszkiewicz52 #2 johnkryszkiewicz52 4 months ago
    PubG isn't doing enough, their anticheat can't even detect when someone is prone beneatht he ground with their arms miles in the sky using a gun firing through buildings with an aimbot, and these hackers on OC servers are now just going full power. 10-20 hackers per lobby and you are garaunteed to get killed by one, this game isn't just dying, its being killed. Concurrent player count less than half of what it was a few months back, and still flying down as more and more servers become uninhabitable.
    Region lock "Just won't work". Define your measure of success Brendan Greene. Because literally anything would have been better than this. The hackers have effectively destroyed your game, personally I hope epic games counter-sues you into oblivion, and you have to give up PubG to a more caring development team.
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  • Avatar for imustntrunaway #3 imustntrunaway 3 months ago
    This wall is nothing if you have VPN software installed. It won't mess with anything because technically all the traffic will be sent to your computer from another country. Here's best vpn for mac Edited June 2018 by imustntrunaway
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  • Avatar for imustntrunaway #4 imustntrunaway 3 months ago
    For sure it does, but lots of people nowadays are using VPNs and you can ban them all.Edited June 2018 by imustntrunaway
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  • Avatar for Paul45 #5 Paul45 A month ago
    That's why VPN is best, No matter how many regions blocking is their in-game, Thier is always a way to access things with VPN, and that's a reason why I use USA VPN for accessing games like these which are region blocked or having these kind pings things.
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