PUBG Is Looking To Destiny's Aim Assist as an Influence for Helping Cross-Platform Play

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is releasing in full later this year for Xbox One and PC, and wants cross-platform play too. (But only if it's fair.)

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Soon PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will make its first foray onto consoles through the Xbox One. Microsoft in the past has made it no secret that they will do everything they can to enable cross-platform play across most games, and for Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene, that very endeavor will be one of the toughest issues to tackle for the Early Access game's console release.

"We'd like to see some form of cross-play, but we think it would only be fair if it was keyboard and mouse versus keyboard and mouse, or controller versus controller," Greene recently told "But it's still under heavy discussion." Greene goes on to note that the team at Bluehole is looking to games like Destiny, which make controller-play feel good but use a bit of auto-aim to fix the precision problem that players don't get with analog sticks on a controller like they do with a mouse and keyboard.

"There are games like Destiny that really get auto-aim and controllers in an FPS feeling good," said Greene. "And I think that with Microsoft's help it's really going to get it feeling like a good shooter on console. We want to give the same experience. We want PC and Xbox to be identical in terms of the experience you have playing the game."

Recently, Microsoft has confirmed that they are bringing mouse and keyboard support to the Xbox One, furthering it on its journey to basically being an easy-to-use PC and ushering closer to more cross-platform opportunities with PC. Elsewhere, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is another cross-platform game, bringing PS4, PS3, and PC players together. Yet it being an MMO without the need for high precision like a shooter helps with mouse and keyboard players not having a leg-up on competitors. Otherwise, Sony has been notably against cross-platform play in the past, to the chagrin of players.

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  • Avatar for NateDizzy #1 NateDizzy 6 months ago
    If they do implement cross play, I hope Greene and Blue Hole are smart enough to make it optional.
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