PUBG Introduces a Free Weapon Mastery System So You Can Earn More Loot

PUBG Introduces a Free Weapon Mastery System So You Can Earn More Loot

Earn levels on your favorite weapon and get in-game cosmetics.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has just released a new Weapon Mastery system in its newest update. With the system, players are now able to level up their favorite weapons and earn free rewards for completing milestones.

Weapon Mastery allows players to earn EXP on any weapon through kills, headshots, and dealing damage. Players who earn enough EXP will level up their weapon, with 100 levels available. There are three kinds of rewards players can earn through the Weapon Mastery:

  • Charms, which are accessories that can be equipped to a weapon and be seen in-game.
  • Medals, which highlight specific accomplishments performed using a weapon.
  • Tier Emblems, which signify the current level bracket of the player's Weapon Mastery.

The new system is free and progresses regardless of season changes or season passes. This should be a new incentive for players to keep playing PUBG and earn various rewards to show-off to their peers. The fact that it's a free update is also encouraging.

PUBG has been working quietly in the background as the battle royale genre becomes more crowded. Even Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene himself is no longer working on PUBG, though he remains at PUBG Corp. building a team to work on a new game.

The Weapon Mastery system appears to be well-received in the community. PUBG is a far cry from the dead game it was proclaimed to be after losing serious market share to Epic's Fortnite. Which may just prove there's room in the genre for multiple battle royale games.

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