PUBG Killcam Catches Cheater in the Act

PUBG Killcam Catches Cheater in the Act

Somewhere over at PUBG Corporation, someone is pinching the bridge of their nose and sighing.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has a problem with cheaters. PUBG Corp is taking the issue very seriously, and is exercising options like sweeping bans. Tencent, PUBG's Chinese publisher, is even dishing out arrests and jailtime for accused and convicted cheaters.

Unfortunately, given the enormity of PUBG's popularity, it seems the mission to clean house has a long way to go before it can be considered a success. The game is still filled with brazen cheaters. One such individual was recently captured on the game's killcam by PUBG redditor "MagicIsBull." The footage shows a player instantly reviving a team mate, then instantly restoring their own health. Both actions normally take several seconds, and in a game as intense as PUBG (especially when the number of players dwindles down to the single digits), those seconds matter.

Thy sin does not go unnoticed, my child. My wretched, wretched child.

This isn't a new problem, according to established players. "These insta healing and res [cheats] have been there for months," comments redditor "pastisset." "I wonder how many users is Bluehole willing to lose before they fix all the cheating."

One of the reasons Tencent is coming down hard on cheaters in China is precisely because it doesn't want to lose potential long-term players. PUBG Corp's mission to clean up the game is beginning to make Hercules' task of cleaning out the Augean Stables look enviably simple by comparison.

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