PUBG Map Revamps are Coming, Starting With Erangel

PUBG Map Revamps are Coming, Starting With Erangel

Even apocalyptic battlezones need a makeover sometimes.

Battle Royale games are competing fiercely for people's precious time, so it's no surprise PUBG, the spawn-mother of the genre's current boom, is doing what it can to keep up. A recent leak suggested the PUBG team is planning a remaster of Erangel Island. Said remaster was confirmed yesterday.

The official PUBG website outlines what you can expect when Erangel—PUBG's premiere map—receives its spit-shine. When the leaks first appeared on the PUBG subreddit a few days ago, players immediately spotted new compounds. The PUBG team says it's using the compounds to test its map changes internally, and players should look forward to "loot balances" and general improvements.

"We understand that loot balance is a very important part of the game but also recognize that the map layout is just as important, so we’re working hard to ensure that any changes made to either will feel good when completed," the PUBG website states. "We plan to start testing several potential changes to Erangel soon and will share our plans for these tests in the coming weeks."

The website also states PUBG's other maps will be revamped once Erangel is done, and players will be allowed to test the maps sometime in "the coming weeks."

The Erangel remaster has been a long time coming. Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene told USgamer about his intention to refresh Erangel back in 2017. Dynamic weather was eventually added to the map, but it looks like the PUBG team is finally ready to go all-in.

Much has been said about PUBG's struggle to keep up with other Battle Royale games, most notably Fortnite and, more recently, Apex Legends. But while PUBG's numbers on Steam are slumping, its mobile numbers are strong. It also commands a huge audience in China, though the game's mobile publisher, Tencent, recently imposed restrictions on players under the age of 13.

If you're in a steadfast relationship with PUBG, make sure you check out our PUBG hints, tips, and guides.

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